Wiring Issues - New swap, Need Help

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  1. I have been trying to do this swap for the last three months. I had the new motor in the car in a day, but the rest of the time, has been a wiring nightmare.

    We bought a break-out box for the EEC IV.

    This is a '91 dis car with a swap to a distributer Merkur motor. LA3 , Large Vam.

    Problems include no fuel pump, no injectors firing, electric fan comes on immediately when the IRCM is energized from ignition on.

    I put a new IRCM in.

    Please help! Any ideas will be very appreciated.

  2. Did you make sure wired it right
  3. I guess I deserved that...

    I did search, and I did follow Stinger's directions to the tee. Then re-re-re-re-re-re-checked all of the pin-outs. Then I went and got all of the wiring diagrams for both the LA3 equipped TC, and my '91 LX. And went through that and double checked.

    I wish I understood why it was doing this. I was just looking for any ideas you guys may have before I rip out the entire wiring harness and replace it with one out of a older dizzy car.

    Stinger Intercooler piping with my Volvo front-mount and Ranger Radiator:

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  4. If thats how the engine is right now you know your battery's not connected right?
  5. HA.:lol:

    Fan wouldn't work with batt. unhooked would it? Thanks...

    Please be gentle. lol
  6. I would say you have some stray red/green striped wires in the harness that need to be soldered together. They are the signal return wires that go to all the sensors. When plugs are eliminated, the red/green wires are left open. Since they all run together in the stock harness, not doing so in the new "swap" harness will keep the injectors/sensors, etc. from being grounded.
  7. I will check for that Stinger. I'm pretty certain all of the red w/ green wires are interconnected. After I check, I will update. Thanks.
  8. check all the sensors for ground, Specifically pin 46 on the computer. If the Signal return wire is floating, the car wont run right.

  9. I'm pulling the harness. Swapping to the dizzy harness.
  10. Got it running. It sure is fun reading off of 3 wiring diagrams at once...

    '86 svo harness converted to LA3 and placed in a '91 2.3 dis car.

    It idles very rough. Almost like a super crazy cam in a v-8. It shakes the whole car. Don't understand that... Any things i should check on that? Any suggestions?

    What do you guys think for timing, and base fuel pressure? Where should I be?
  11. It was a simple problem that I am a little too embarrassed to tell you guys about. lol.

    But, It runs fine. We have been finishing up all of the final wiring, but I drove it for the first time last night. I love that damn car. My truck is so boring...

    Still, I set base timing at 10* and fuel pressure at 38 psi at idle. What should I be at?