Workout guys: What protein shakes are you taking?

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  1. I currently use muscle milk. What do you guys use and is it helping?
  2. perfect whey chocolate fudge 28 grams of proetein per scoop 2 scoops a shake 3 times a day
  3. beefcake2000:shrug:

    lol i dont use protein
  4. I havent started taking it yet (ate it a few times, doesnt taste bad) but i bought designer whey in chocolate flavor.
  5. I just started using Creatine as opposed to the whey protein I took last year...

    Creatine > Whey Protein
  6. :lol:
  7. Man I took creatine in high school.... that **** will **** your **** up!

    On a lighter note... it's does work. Just drink a ton of water and don't use it too long cause you're kidneys will go on strike.... and by that i mean ....

    that **** will **** your **** up!

  8. Strype, talk to this guy.. he has me on a good diet right now.
  9. How is that going, btw?

  10. Im cheating a little here and there, but im definately eating alot better. the eating small meals several times a day is what kicked my ass the most. its not too bad right now though, so i guess im getting used to it. Speaking of that, i have some chicken breasts marinating in caribbiean jerk marinade that are begging to be grilled when i get home :nice:

    I do appreciate you taking the time to help me out on all of this. You should see me walking through wal mart... ill pick something up and say "if you dont have to kill it, or pull it out of the ground, dont eat it" you wouldnt believe how much stuff i have to put back :rlaugh:
  11. what diet?

    currently im not taking anything. i got kidney stones a couple of months back and got spooked into taking anything... right now im trying to loose fat, but when i was on shakes i was taking 100% GNC Whey... althought ive been off a while and i feel and look bigger now i think. either that or im just starting to cut down? :shrug:
  12. :lol: so true

  13. He just taught me how to eat better and how to figure out what i should be eating. I have all the info saved if you want it.
  14. if you dont mind? i read on a regular basis and im learning alot to say the least! great group of folks over there!
  15. And we're glad to have ya over there :nice:

    Good show of willpower at WalMart, haha! There are exceptions to the rule of course, but it's a good guideline. Study a lot of nutrition and how things work in the body and you'll be able to do all sorts of cool things w/your diet/to your physique.
  16. Well im hoping that if our plans to go to mexico this summer go though, ill be able to show off my work on the beach :D
  17. So you should've been on the plan we came up with for over a week now. That said, you should be seeing progress even with the cheating. If you aren't seeing anything, let me know and I can tell you what to change in your entire routine to fix that and get you leaning out.

    It's not that cheating off the plan will negate ALL your hard work, but it won't help (actually there are times when it does help break a plateau, but that's a little further down the road for ya). However, it IS good to have that frame of mind so it helps you stay on path as much as possible. The better you do, the better you get. And that's what it's all about sometimes.
  18. talk to mansonozz i know he is real big on body building......

    Edit....i see he has already posted.
  19. As far as visually, i really cant tell that much of a difference yet. Although i do feel like i have more energy throughout the day, and i dont have the 3am cravings like i used to. (cottage cheese before bed FTMFW!)

    I havent weighed myself yet, but i have been alot more active (playing basketball with the kid outside, riding a skateboard etc..) instead of watching tv and drinking a beer. I still cant get motivated enough to run though.. i friggen hate running with a passion
  20. Mansonozz, what kinda protein shakes do you recommend? Like I said, I currently use muscle Milk..