Ya know what we need.....

Discussion in 'Regional Forums and Event Information' started by ddonaca351, Apr 10, 2004.

  1. is a new track in the NW.


    Now that would be a good run. 0 to about 200 in like 20-some odd seconds...
    (in a street car)(or bike)

    What racing that would make!!!!!

    :flag: :nice:
  2. Might have a slight problem...would run out of gear! But it would be fun in a street car... :nice:
  3. Sounds good. So who has the property to do it?
  4. well, my neighbor does :D (rich bellevue punks! (yes, I know that includes me :D))

    -but I severely doubt he will want to put up w/ the taxes/fines/permits, ect... just a huge hassle... even PR isn't doing a great job, raising the price another $5 for entry! I'm getting to the point where I can't afford to race!!!
  5. If he has a mile long property. Then we should just race around his property.:D
  6. it's a wooded forrest... he bought it from the city when they were going to put an access road in there, he liked the foliage and view it provided :D
  7. So what your saying is you can't persuade him.:D
  8. no, he really didn't like the idea of paving his view for some "need for speed' adicts to get their rush :D