You always get what you paid for...

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  1. $12 for some black door panels at a junkyard last week. Great condition also! I need to get other things out of that interior this weekend.
  2. Got a BBK CAI fender well mount kit(w/out meter) for $50 bucks and a set of Dynomax side exit mufflers for free, both from the same guy. Gave the CAI to my then best friend for his birthday since I couldnt use it and still have the Dyno's in my storage building.BTW Anyone know how to remove a dart(as in bull's eye)from the baffles of a muffler?:rolleyes:
    OH yeah, found a set of 96-98 tail lights at the Goodwill for $5 a piece. had a few minor scratches, but ended up selling to a guy in the SN95 forums for a bit more(hope he doesnt see
  3. what heads are those? tristate?

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  4. i got a complete ssbc rear disc set up with stainless steal lines and a edelbrock 70mm tb and spacer all brand new in the boxes for 500.i met the guy in yonkers and the deal went perfect. phil
  5. After I totaled my 02 GT at the drag strip, a co-worker gave me his 88 LX Hatch 5.0 for free. He wasn't driving it anymore, and he knew I'd take good care of it, so he gave it to me. Also, he wanted to minimize liability issues, so he gave it away. It had 137,000 miles on it, but still runs really well. It had almost no rust, except for a couple spots on the hatch and hatch area, which I fixed. He also kept an extensive maintenance record, and gave that to me, which is helpful.

    02 Stang, before and after:

    88 Stang:
  6. I bought this 90 Gt for $800, it came with new brakes and rotors all the t-5 swap parts even though it was a 5 speed car anyways. A good t-5 with short throw shifter, and a steeda Tri ax handle. 2 extra fenders 2 extra doors, a cowl panel, and all black interior...i think i came out ok
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  7. I like the orange color.
  8. I bought mine for 60.
  9. the ash trey is not broken, that's a millian dallor car!!!!

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  10. I bought a Mark VII for $400.00,kept the drivetrain and parted the car out on E-Bay and made nearly $900.00,bought Explorer GT 40 heads and complete intake set-up for $150.00,sold the heads for $350.00 on E-Bay,polished the intake and installed it on my car,2 Warlock race mufflers with built in cut outs for $60.00 (new on E-bay),Turbo Coupe wheels and nearly new Good Year Eagle II tires for $50.00,two Turbo Coupe rears with 3.55's for $200.00 (sold one for $175.00 and installed the other),and I'm about to get an '88 T-Bird Sport with good 5.0,full gauges,8.8,and leather interior (the seats are less than good) for $350.00.Living down here in southern Oklahoma,there are cars everywhere for cheap if you look around a little,and there are salvage yards everwhere.Mustangs are not found very often unless they are 4 banger cars.There's quite a few of those at my favorite yard.
  11. i live close to st.louis so almost everything is hard to come by