Your project cost?

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  1. The current car counting motor was 1900 then 1600 for h/c/i/ gears injectors, then 800 for the last few new parts i bought. then you consider labor/blood/sweat/ i have way too much. i can say though im the only nurse at work with grease in my nails but gotta support my habit
  2. :shrug: enough to buy a new cobra
  3. Im gonna have right at about $3000 in mine when its running...Thats purchase price, HCI swap and LX conversion...But Ill still be rolling on turbines, with a 2.73 rear gear, and of course primer for paint:notnice:...Gotta love it
  4. I pay cash for everything I buy if I can and never take a reciept! That way my wife or I don't ever know what all this really costs! lol
  5. Once i get my short block for a the deal i am getting it for..I will have $9,000 in the motor alone peace

  6. a marriage... (jk)

    Got a budget of 14k, still below it...
  7. :lol: :rlaugh:

    That's hilarious. And true.
  8. Over $33,000 and I already have another motor planned, new trans this winter, another paint job in a few years-even though it was done a few years ago....I am addicted to my Fox 5.0...I even have the ink to prove it..!!!

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    90 GT, 5spd, 3.73s, V-1 S Trim 12 psi, Meth Injection, 308, Twisted Wedge, TFS cam, Holley Systemax, Power Pipe
  9. I'll let you know when I finish....
  10. Mine is a project that cannot be measured in money....more like what did/does it cost in sanity, social life, relationships, knuckle skin, hair, and years off my life.
  11. My wife found all my online receipts in my email from last year. I had redone my interior, and sent my 40P's out for Thumper porting. She absolutely flipped when it added up to $4K. Ive had to slow down that pace this year, but I did get my custom cam from Ed, and just need a few of the supporting parts to get her installed. Next year will be a new tranny and rear end if I can get permission.
  12. Asking that is like asking a Woman her age or how much she weighs... you just dont do it.

    I have no idea exactly. Alot of swapping and trading, and some damn good deals here and there...
    I might be in the 2500-3000 range including the price of the car....
  13. i paid $500 for my car and i started keeping track but around 3k i lost track. id say about $3500 and i need another $500 or so in parts to drive it
  14. In the coupe, I'm sitting right at $7900 counting the car. I still have to do paint, but the motor, trans, suspension, and interior is all completed.

    In my hatch, I'm already sitting at $900 counting the car. The suspension stuff is bought, but I still have to do the motor/trans and some little odds and ends. I think I can be running and driving for $2500-$3000.