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Which upholstery would you rather have in your ride?

  1. 2001 Bullitt Seat Upholstery

  2. 2001 SVT Cobra Seat Upholstery

  3. 2003-04 Mach 1 Seat Upholstery

  4. 2003-04 SVT Cobra Seat Upholstery (if so, what color suede?)

  1. That is awesome! Depending on if I still have my car when you get that option out there, I'll definitely be interested in that. My current seats are getting in rough shape, and it'd be nice to get them looking a little better.

    Any idea on when? 6 months? A year?
  2. Great news! I want to redo my stock seats Mach One style and get rid of my Corbeaus...
  3. Ya know...there's a problem with this thread... I am now no longer satisfied with my stock seats at all haha.
  4. Sonic04GT approves.

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  5. - Good news is - we're already Ford Licensed for the running pony logo! And we're currently working on looking into licensing the GT next, and then the Cobra emblem.

    I knew we would have to look into that, as GT owners may want the Cobra 'look' when it comes to the pattern - but not the Cobra emblem. Don't stress it - we're on it! :nice:
  6. I'm suprised that you had to get licensing for, "GT". I mean, Ford doesn't own that one, do they?

  7. It's not the letters themselves - but the font and the way they are written. If we want to make sure they look like OE then we'll have to get them licensed. We'll be looking into it
  8. those cobra seats are so sexy. I have cloth seats in my 02 gt, any ideas how much switching to leather would cost if i bought them used (including rear seat)?
  9. I'd like to see 03-04 cobra's with black or parchment suede. I voted for Bullitt because that's my second choice and can't see it go in last place.

    You should think of producing the headliner pouches (sunglasses holders? not sure what they're called) that came in the 03-04s, I think mostly cobras but not sure.
  10. I'd say 'sexy' is the right word for those seats, my personal favs out of the poll options for sure.

    As for price - it's hard to tell just yet - we're finishing up our patterns/color options for the 94-04 GT's this week and will be moving onto the specialty seat options this fall. Until then it's hard to guess what pricing may be. :shrug:
  11. I see a lot from these guys come through at work. Wonder if ford knows.

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