z28 vs gt

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by lovescamaros25, Jul 14, 2004.

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  1. the 98-02 trans ams look way better than a stang.admit to that.
  2. actually, we have a guy on here that put his stock 94 into the 14.4s or 14.5s. the 15 sec runs are from the
    a. non experienced
    b. autos
    c. verts
    d. vert autos

    i was knocking 14.8s all day with my car stock.
  3. low 15's with an automatic vert! i ran a 14.4 with just exhaust on my 95 GT that had an auto. and there are a few guys in here who have pulled off a mid 14 bone stock. so get out of here u little ****!
  4. i was leaving anyhow.its been fun picking on you camel humping mustang owning pieces of monkey ****.by the way,he who wins the final battles wins the war 1993-02 camaro over mustang.camaro z28 over gt,ss over 98-01 cobra.
  5. finally the h0m0 left!
  6. You guys are right and I'm an azz hole. Mustangs rule and my Camaro rattles, clunks and smells like feet. I admit of running high 16's with a car that has been discontinued. So you can add the Camaro to the other list of GM discontinued winners-Citation, Fiero, Corsica, Berretta, Celebrity, Chevette, ElCamino, Firebird, Grand Am, T1000 and the list go's on.
  7. :nonono: bad way to leave. i love how it stops at '02. hahaha. ill be taking my 1964 1/2-3037 Stang over those camaros
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.