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  1. hey just joing the bords i own an 89 saleen which im in the process of building for street beatings right now its motor time & i have i certin goals with which i aim to obtain how much horse power to weight is nessasary to pull on a stock to minorly modified ZO6 not faster than 11.90 in a 1/4 also on the free way 3rd throgh 6th gear the car has a steeda 5 link rear with coil overs in front with 18inch wheels a few people i have talked to feel that 375to 385 whp will achieve this with a car that weights no more than 3200lb also any experienced input would be apericeated
  2. What year Z06? Its gonna be damn hard to pull one on the freeway, LS motors pull HARD up top.

  3. so would punctuation. jesus
  4. This a real saleen?

    I'm pretty sure the steeda 5 link requires no tailpipes, that's got to look like crap with a saleen rear valence.
  5. I am sure a moderator will move this to talk soon.

    At the *track*, you need to be looking at something that will trap 118+ mph to be able to pull on a stock zo6.

    They have good aerodynamics.
  6. yes ufortunatly it was a theft recovery and no it has a cobra rear i like it a little better and a C5 or C6 my buddy cant run better than 12.17 on street tires with his bone stock

  7. Got news for you, on regular street tires with a road race suspension, you'll be lucky to get in the 12's.

    The z06 is a great all around car, handles well and runs the drag strip pretty good.
  8. i have lexan quarters rear seat delet manual doors lexan rear windows if traction is no issue "also on the free way 3rd through 6th" how much whp look Something hi rev 6600 6700 shift points
  9. the zo6 is in a class of it's own, I wouldnt even give it the time of day. Ls1 equipped f-bodies usually dont run them either. they are uber light, aerodynamic, and are superbly balanced. they can make even a bad driver look like a hero. kinda like an evo that way.
  10. you had everything down except:

    IMO, building a car just to beat someone is pointless.

    BUT, throw a turbo kit on there and be done with it.

    I think the HP kits have 450+rwhp with stock motors.
  11. "the zo6 is in a class of it's own, I wouldnt even give it the time of day. Ls1 equipped f-bodies usually dont run them either. they are uber light, aerodynamic, and are superbly balanced. they can make even a bad driver look like a hero. kinda like an evo that way."

    [/B]yes i know this but with money being no option i want to slay it and they are not that fast heavy for one and expensive tho the ls motor is an awsome motor that responds well to minor mods i might as well just ls7 swap the mustang n beat it with its own motor in a lighter car i dont like forced induction

  12. With money being no option, I know what to tell you. :nice:
    1-get the checkbook out.
    2-email Ed at FTI, he can set you up, hes done this before.
    3-natural aspired, its gonna be using a 351 dart block big bore with some afr225 heads and a super vic efi intake, and his custom cam. Actually with a lighter car, and good driving, beating one by several lengths is easy with this type of build.
    Probably looking at near 500 to the wheels.

    You could probably spend a bit more and make it more potent by using some other parts. Gonna need a real trans to handle this power, sticky tires, etc...
  13. A 347 with some spray will pull on a z06.
  14. I work wth a guy that has an 04 z06 and I out run him at the track (1/8) mile. He ran a 8.36 and he has full exhaust. I ran a 8.03. I still have a stock gear and tranny. And it is a stock bottom end 302. So it is possible to out run a z06 with a good HCI. I will be gunning for the new z06s as soon as I get this S/C dialed in right!!!!!
  15. In the quarter he probably would of run you down, because h/c/i you aren't running 120mph.
  16. nope I am running 107 but just because your MPH is faster doesnt mean you ran the 1/4 mile faster. If you spin alot your mph will be faster but your ET will be slwoer. If you hook your ETs will be faster but MPH is slower. I have beaten people that ran 10 mph faster than me. If you get ahead enough at teh start you have a good chance of getting to the finish line first. Yeah he may be gaining quick but if he cant catch you by the 1/4 WHO CARES> Yeah Corvette owners are always like yeah lets run top speed. I am like ok I dont run top speed I run 1/4. There like what fun is that. Well when you have a $50K corvette and I have a $5K 5.0 mustang and you cant outrun me then that is VERY VERY SAD........I BREATH FORD AND WILL TILL THE DAY I DIE:Track:
  17. I'm well aware of how comparing quarter mile times works.
    This guy is comparing a car to another car, not taking driver into consideration.

    107mph is nothing close to what a z06 is capable of.
    And if you both used the same tires, he would of eaten you up by the time the 1/4 ended.
    My buddies bone stock z06 ran 12.2 all day on std radials, try that in any foxbody.
  18. That was a nice zo6.

    185 mph is no sweat for Ed and is customers:)

  19. 3130 pounds is not a heavy car by any means. You're going to have to match his weight, horsepower and torque if all you want to do is keep up with him. The Mustang is not a miracle car. It doesn't have some magic part that enables it to beat lighter, higher powered cars. In fact, the Mustang is at a serious disadvantge against most other similarly powered and weighted cars due to it's very poor front end weight bias. It's going to take a bushel basket full of hundred dollar bills - packed tight - to beat that Z06. And you would probably never do it with a stock 5.0 block.
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