03' Cobra @$$holes...?

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  1. The Supra is probably one of the best looking imports to ever come over here, THE hottest car Toyota's ever made, and there's no chance in hell that people are just going to "forget" about them.

    Please don't be what this thread is titled. :notnice:
  2. I would definitely agree about Supras being the best looking import.
    A lot of domestic guys beat them at the track because most Supra guys don't build them for 1/4 mi. Most Supra owners like big dyno numbers and top end freeway pulls. Just a different ball game.
  3. I remember seeing a dyno sheet (posted like a week or two ago here) of a Supra doing 800+RWHP. But it was such a big turbo and took so much time to spool, that he was only doing like 175RWHP at 4000rpms. But once the boost kicked in, the HP curve skyrocketed. :eek:
  4. All I have to say is that we need the camaro back. Its getting pretty boring fighting back and fourth with these rice machines. We should no lower ourselves to that. We should be worring about car built for real men not boys.
  5. Most people are just ignorant... I love all Sports Cars, and yes they should bring the camaro and Transam back. Just because I drive a Stang doesnt mean I hate GM's or IMports like Supra's/VR4/Skyline... There all nice and have there advantages and disavantages. I would of probably bought a supra.. But you cant find one thats less than 10 years old and has high miles... FOr under 20k.... its redicilous
  6. Especially when you realize they ran that 10.30 at LACR (2700ft elev.)

    Imagine that baby at sea level with good track prep :flag:
  7. Message From Cobrasssss

    HEY PAL....

    ALL IMPS SUCK ASS......if that makes me a cobrasssshole so be it hehehe
    They are only to beat on... (LIKE MY VOLVO)

    IMports just dont have the history or...not sure what the word is im looking for... lets just say this. Mustangs, Vettes......people know what they are even if they were built in the 60s or earlier for the vettes... IMPs just dont have that prestige. not to mention the fact that they are all SLOW AS HELL :lol:

    ON A MORE SERIOUS NOTE...there are some imps i like but i like them for quality and comfort, not for racing. BMWs are nice. buddy of mine at the gym has some awesome four door Infinity which is hot...

    OH YEAH...IF SUPRAS ARENT MEANT FOR THE DRAG STRIP then they shouldnt bother showing up.....THATS JUST YET ANOTHER EXCUSE :lol:
  8. :nonono:

    Today's forecast: Mostly bigot with a chance of mullet. :notnice:

    Yeah, most imports aren't huge in the history department. They definately don't have the 40+ year heritage like some American cars do.............but there's always somebody faster.
  9. :lol: for some reason I found that really funny :lol:
  10. Well, imports may not have heritage in the U.S. just like our cars are not big over there. But there are many cars from all over the world that will live in history forever. ie: shelby cobra was originally AC Cobra from UK. BMW M series, Mercedes AMG, Audi S cars, and others are some of the world most potent race cars. Lets not forget Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin (owned by Ford now) etc. Many of these cars demand the respect. As far as honda civics and toyotal celicas forget it. These require heavy mods and lots of $ to do anything.
  11. You're not the only one tfritz, I think it's funny too. One thing I'll never be accused of is having a mullet, LOL

    Just curious, why did Toyota quit making the supra anyway? Not a slam, I honestly don't know.
  12. They probably didn't sell enough to justify keeping them here. Damn SUV craze :notnice: I know they continued the last generation of the Supra for a few more years in Japan.

    Who knows, maybe we'll see it again one day. Toyota is really the the crapper right now as far as exciting cars go. Scion = teh ghey, Lexus makes nothing but old people cruisers (maybe with the exception of the IS300, but even that isn't anything amazing performance-wise), and Toyota has the Celica (pathetic) and the MR2 (equally pathetic, a total bastardation of what that car once was). Now Monkie's car, THAT'S an MR2. :nice:

    Being at the Philly auto show, it's very easy to see things like this. Lots of other companies are bringing out impressive, high-performance cars, while Toyota is farting around in bland land. They need a new Supra, just like Nissan needed a new Z. It was the start of a revolution for Nissan, Toyota could use the very same.
  13. Don't get me wrong the supra is nice but can it run a 12.6 stock??? The average I have seen with the 03 is 12.8. The supra will be lucky to break 12's at all. The car speaks for itself.....as soon as my procharger is on my 99 let me run into a supra......ignorant people who are jealous.....jealousy is them hating on ford.
  14. "The Supra is probably one of the best looking imports to ever come over here."
    To each his own. It's known as Shamu in the 3rd gen RX-7 community.
  15. Shamu!!!!!!!!!

  16. So I guess the 10 and 11 second Supras at E-town were just a figment of my imagination.
  17. the supra will be back, so will the camaro.........just like the z and the rx-8.
    they would have to be crazy not to.
  18. yes crazy, haha, very very crazy!
  19. Toyota is supposed to come back out with the supra and it will have the v8 and i think there are plans for supercharging it... IMO all imports suck a$$ and oh yeah let me go buy a 10k car and put 10k in it and i run a 9 sec pass... Get a real CAR with some BEEF under it!!!!
  20. I like cars. I prefer domestic but wouldn't mind a nice import. The car I bought was the best performance I could afford. I'm having fun with it. :nice: