03' Cobra @$$holes...?

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  1. what the HELL does that DSG Cobra have?
  2. Fastest car I drove was an import. 2002 Porsche GT2. 0-60 2.3 sec, enough said. I still the mustang though, but only because I can afford to own one.
    I mean 3.2 sec. sorry for the confusion.
  3. Did it actually do it in 2.3 seconds, or did the magazine say you did? :D

    BTW - The magazine racing version is far from 2.3 seconds anyway.
  4. nope, I went to Germany last year because my company had done some business with Bosch. While I was there I took tours of the Benz, BMW, VW, Audi and Porsche factories. While there they let some of us take the GT2 out. I didn't go that fast, but its definately a serious car. Oh oops, 3.2 sec.
  5. uhhhh


    "So I guess the 10 and 11 second Supras at E-town were just a figment of my imagination"


    I was at Etown almost every Street War this season and was forced to race two supras with aftermarket turbos....thanks to Deadlurker (who walks up to people and tells them I want to race)

    I beat both of them. One of them ran a higher trap speed , but neither could hook or just couldnt get power off the line. I guess Turbos are tricky to get right from the launch? I suppose this would be why they make a better Auto X car.

    I was at etown almost every weekend this past season and NEVER saw Supra run under 11... Im sure the ones that are modded enough are capable (with 120+ trap speeds) but I never saw it.

    I beat a Supra when my car was in stock form too, but I dont think that Supra was modded at all.
  6. The only video of mine I can find is an 11.9xx Supra, but I do remember seeing a 10 second one at the last of the streetwars last year. I think it was a black one, with some 15" or 16" cheapo wheels with DR's.
  7. I gotta disagree, the SUPRA is a good looking bad ass ride. That said, I'm a mustang guy and will likely die a mustang guy (though I'm looking at lightings right now) Let's not be petty like some of the less evolved LS1, Supra, or whatever drivers. Let's be grown up enough to appreciate all fast well designed automobiles. there are some great cars put out by GM and even Japan and some pretty damn cool drivers driving each.

    The arse holes, we'll dust off.
  8. yeah

    my past replies seem pretty strong....I dont really hate any kind of car and will admit Im just being stupid.....this is a mustang site and i too am a Mustang fanatic so I feel obligated to fullfill the role of cobraasss....

    I respect what ever beats me at the track. So far that has been almost all Domestic cars. Never been beat by a supra....I did lose to a 13.1 sec Turbo Charged VW something...back when my car was stock...I drove like SSSS considering my car could run 12.7 stock

    I also had a very interesting race against a hatchback Honda. After I was warned to run 12 or leave the track, I raced this guy who started to pull on me and so the race of chicken went on until we both hit the brakes before the line... Turned out that we were both treading on thin ice....we both were running 11s without the proper equipment... We had a good laugh afterwards. I won (with a 12.0) , but only because he hit the brakes first!

    I also got lined up against some kind of new Mercedes or BMW cant remember , but it was a four door and ran in the 12s.....stock....when a four door car can just about keep up with you...that derserves some respect...of course people at the track were saying that it was over $100k for that car...
  9. I just wanted you to take advantage of the opportunity. I never forced you to race anyone...only suggested it. <img src="http://www.importfanatix.com/Forums/images/smilies/grin_no.gif">
  10. That picture sure looks familiar.....lol.
  11. yeah

    yeah yeah.....

    lets go LETS GO


    all y ou supras too englishtown March 5th 6:00 look for the yellow cobra.....

    no wait dont i take that challenge back because if I run under 12 again they will probably permanently ban me from the track....

    HEY KAM I signed up for points this year... SUnday Street Et...only problem is that its 12.00 or slower class....but i figured it would keep me under control.... :flag: :flag: :flag: :flag:
  12. hehehehe



  13. Are you going to be at the Domestics vs. Imports thing on March 6th?
  14. I plan to be there that day. :)
  15. Sunday racing.....lol

    invest in a lawn chair.... :D
  16. ahhhhh

    I didnt even realize sat was an imp event already.... Ill have to check the schewdule and see. I cant get there until 3:30- 4:00 cause of work on sat

    Yeah you wait alot on sundays, but thats the day I can always be there and I figured the competition might be a bit less fierce because of the crowds too....although I was surprised how many people were in the points for that class last season. It never seemed like there were many street et cars there on sundays, but i checked the pts and there are quite a few..
  17. Well the thread went on but it was closed.

  18. I have heard the same thing. A boosted V8 and a NA v8 are whats instore for the powerplant although I heared that they are going to make the NA V8 very expensive and the Boosted V8 very very very expensive.
  19. Yeah it is not mine cause i have limo tinted windows :D i have not YET seen anyone take a PIC or anything of my cobra :( i have ones of the gt in Ennis at FFW but none in the Cobra.... I will be in Ennis this friday so i hope i can get someone to take a PIC for me...With a GOOD SMOKEY :banana: