'03 Cobra IRS Swap in SN95 Project

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  1. Soooo, I woke up on saturday morning at 6am because a dream work me up..... at 6:15AM 2003 Cobra IRS Popped up on Craigslist and SVT. I was up super early, made the call and scored it. According to the guy, he was getting 20 calls and i could hear his call waiting going crazy while on the phone. Had to drive 300 miles round trip to get it, but the price was too good to turn down.

    Low milage IRS with shocks and Full Magnaflow Catback.... What a score!!! I will keep this thread updated as I go!!

    Will be putting this...


    Into this...

  2. Ordered some H&R Sport Springs to go with the IRS.


  3. nice. personally i wouldnt want irs, i prefer straight axle for my car... but if i were building an autocross stang, i would definitely be extremely envious. good score.
  4. Very nice project!

    If I had plenty of extra money, and was still using my Mustang as my primary DD, I'd do an IRS swap. Other than in 100% straight line drag racing, the IRS is superior in every way, especially in ride quality. Plus the look of the exhaust coming out of the back.....:drool:
  5. New Rotors for the IRS [​IMG]
  6. Very fun project I just got done doing it myself. Any full tilt pieces going to see their way into the build?
  7. Very nice! As txredgt stated, get that puppy filled with some FTBR stuff! Damn you're accumulating parts quick
  8. Before you buy any more parts you should make that IRS ****ing works and does not have any hidden problems.

    Let's see a closeup of the diff cover.
  9. It looks problem free. It has very low milage. The only issue was a ripped CV Boot on one of the axels. The axel was fine, I had the CV boot replaced with a boot from DSS. Fits perfect.

    I popped open the cover and serviced the diff this weekend. Backlash is perfect, and the inside looks very clean. I re-sealed the diff cover and am gonna fill it with OEM fluid.
  10. Got some 03 Cobra Front Struts to match the rear shocks. I have Tokico 5 ways right now, but i think these will be a great match for the car.

  11. Bilstien will refurbish those struts and shocks its really inexpensive.
  12. How inexpensive? My Bilsteins have 70k some-odd miles on them and I was just going to live with them until I can dish out the cash for MM sport series but that wouldn't be for a long time. So if it's a good deal I may look into it.
  13. I think the rears are 18 each and the fronts are 48, check the bilstein website.
  14. MM subframe brushing for IRS. Got the tool also.

  15. I keep second guessing this swap
  16. Rightly so, its just a big waste of time and money. You will be hard pressed to feel any difference and most likely you will discover it has a messed up half shaft or gears. I cannot even believe you said it looks problem free. That is a bit ridiculous.
  17. Going through a corner I can accelerate and previously with the worn out SRA I could not. I had nothing but hopping going across the road during any corner and I no longer have that with the IRS. Sounds like you purchased it outright so why not throw it in the car and see what you think? The brake lines will be the only thing you will need to be careful that you can return them back to the SRA.
  18. Don't sweat it dude. I got an entire IRS, disassembled it, replaced all the bushings, re-assembled it, and installed it in my Mach in my apartment garage without EVER having help from a single other person. Luckily I borrowed my co-workers motorcycle lift, otherwise it would have been impossible to move that **** around. It's definitely a taxing and daunting task, but it will for sure be worth it. From your previous posts, I don't take you to be a drag racer, so the IRS will be perfect for you.
  19. Trans jack worked great for me. I did not do the bushings myself but I think I could have done it albeit taking me longer to finish the project. Seeing the polished IRS under your car would make it that much sweeter and it will change the car in looks and performance department.