1200hp turbo build

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  1. i never posted the internals. only the best this time. i will drive this on the street in lower power levels.

    96gt ported heads 93 lincoln teksid based motor. it has h beams/mahle pistons in it now.

    here are the pistons, rods, crank, and rings.

    billet cnc 4340 light weight rods. low tension rings.


    kellogg non-twist forged steel crank. radiused, oil holes modded for high power.


    2618 alloy forged 4.6 3 valve cp pistons. in case i decide to build a 1200hp 3 valve.(im sticking with 4v.)


    car already has manley h-beams/mahle light weights rated at 800hp.

    800hp just doesnt cut it. car made 509rwhp -out of fuel.

    not gonna be out of fuel this time. gonna kill ernie's 672 BBF.

    i am going to drive it on the street with low boost (16-20psi) about 700rwhp.

    assembly was balanced by R&R machine shop in huntsville alabama.

    a few things. the rods needed no mods to balance. they were perfect. big and little and ans total weight were absolutely perfect.something good for manley. i had rods peened/stress relieved in the beam area. pistons were pretty good. one needed weight reduction to balance.
  2. looks like my pile of parts, except yours are nicer lol You selling the old manley rods?
  3. i thought about it. ill see once im done here. if i do, they'll be cheap.
  4. Sounds like a nice bullitproof build! Which 4v heads are you going to run?

    edit: I was confused by your sig. You are building a turbo 2v w/ported 96 NPI heads correct?
  5. the heads it is using now. ported 93 b heads.going with a 3700rpm flash converter. turbo will be spooled enough for off the line power. an E-boost controller will add boost all the way to the 1/4 mile line.
  6. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330447255871

    ive gotten a number of turbos from them already. they do good work for less.

    just got that turbo. i realize the 64mm is really not going to cut it even for tuning.
    this should be more realistic for temporary use. it will only be good for 900hp or so.

    ht 60 is about the same power level as a 76mm garrett. it has a ~73mm inducer.

    maybe some day ill use the 64 for something.
  7. pictures are piss-poor. laptop cam. didnt feel like getting the Canon out.

    turbo came in. used a miller lite for size reference.




  8. is that a hx40? or 50?
  9. ht60. its a reverse scroll. 73.4mm inducer.
  10. that engine stand is an old one. a 69 pontiac 400 ram air was the first motor ever built on it...in ~1991.







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  11. What did you ever do with the old rods and pistons? Let me know please...

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  12. they are spoken for. sorry man.
  13. heres the motor built.



    i admit i was tempted to take the easy way out and just put the little turbo back on it for now. nope ill finish it right.

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  14. Wow, gonna be a monster.
  15. youre my hero... i wanna do this build so bad and drop it in my 02gt. only i would run ported and polished 2v heads. i dont wanna mess with the wiring of the 4v
  16. there is no wiring for the 4v. i even use the stock throttle cable. same sensors in the same place. maybe a few extensions needed but thats it. a tune before starting it is needed also. its my stock 96gt pcm.

    the turbo flows more than enough for this motor. im tempted to get cams for revving it 9000 and boosting it very little. the headers im making are 1 3/4" so they will support those rpms easily.
  17. turbo mounted



    headers next.

    of course its coming back off after finishing the hotside for painting

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  18. Nice Job Bill, looking good!
  19. is that a 23cm housing? look out cause those are a little different hotside bolt pattern little bigger than a t4, its not a big deal though. i only say this because I was gonna put an hx52 or 55 on my little dsm, and go for stupid power, but went with a mp70 p trim instead. the hx52 flows like 95lb/min, i havent looked at the ht60 but being a holset it prolly flows ~110lb/min, should be good for some huge power. If that dosent work out for ya go with some twin hx40's, those things spool so fast my mind cant comprehend it lol. full spool on a hx40 on a buddies dsm was at 4000rpm in 1st gear! :eek:
  20. [​IMG][/IMG]

    yeah turbo is large, didnt realize its just a flipped hx60, with a different comp wheel.