2 valve vs 4 valve

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  1. No offense guys but to me these photos really make the SOHCs look like a piece of crap compared to the cobra motors.

    BTW mustang50v8 how much power you runnin?
  2. 2v POWER!!!!
  3. 4 is more then 2. So 4 is greater then 2. :shrug:
  4. thats the best part!!, they think its only a little GT....haha
  5. Thats true. Over half the GTs on here would smoke my old Cobra and there is a LARGE ammount that would smoke my current Cobra. Yet nobody would ever rev me or try to race my old Cobra and the new one I only get messed with by Dodge Turbo Disels :rlaugh:

    My buddies with hot ass GTs get called out all the time and its just hilarious the crap that tries to run them. Always love to see a mildly modded GT crush a "Oh, engine swapped from Japan, 18A with a T3/T4 turbo." :rlaugh:
  6. and 4v + 2v = 6V FTW:shrug:
  7. Now youre just being silly. :p
  8. i know it doesnt look good on the 2 valvers, but its the only engine pic i had of my last mustang, and that was after it had been sitting in the gravel bodyshop parking lot for a week and a half

    i will find out about the power when i get it dyno tuned in a couple weeks.:D

    im hoping for 355-360rwhp and 370+ tq
  9. You do understand that the better the chamber design, spark plus location and other factors, help to reduce the amount of timing that an engine need to make max HP and in a small way helps to reduce pumping loses.
  10. N.A. :shrug:

  11. 360hp? Did I talk to you a couple of weeks ago on another site? Nevermind

    Was that your car in that photo?
  12. I'm a bit tired of reading this kind of unsupported non-sense. It has already been discussed that the 4v has a less than optimal spark plug location and a poor burn compared to the 2v. So if you and others that boldly state 4v is better, you should give a reason or evidence about WHY. Not just the bad-ness factor of having 4 valves instead of 2. That's pure rice. So support your claim! I want to hear why 4v instead of 2v!

    I don't mean to single you out in particular, but this is a message to everyone that wrote 2 words, saying 4valve is better.

  13. ummmm.......
    a 322cuin. 4v makes 540rwhp at 7500.

    a 322cuin. 2v makes 330rwhp at 6600.

    its kinda the way it is.

    a 1800.00 port job on a 2v and an 1800.00 port job on a 4v: 220cfm vs 340cfm.

    that isnt flowbench racing, that whoppin 2v ass. and 1800.00 porting of 3v = 305cfm.

    ask yourself why a bolt-on mach1 makes 330rwtq at 4200.

    because more airflow+smaller cams = better torque.
  14. and for the record 99+ 2v chambers are better than early 4v for emissions.

    TFS WILL even things up no doubt. 4v C heads can be had for 400.00 and ported for the remainder of the TFS cost. and it (4V)comes out on top.
  15. bull****! First off it doesnt cost 1800 for a port job on a 2v. Second 322cu in 2v will make a hell of a lot more than 330rwhp. Third bull**** on a 4v making that power on pump gas @7500 rpm. Also, that would be a ****ty power band and running 4.56 gears would suck ass on the street.

    Everything costs double with the 4v as well. On price, its not even a comparison. The only time 4v's make more power is when cams and reving to 8k. Talk about a ****ty street car.

    The average price for 4v heads arent 400 bucks, that is retarded to name the lowest price around and use it in a comparison.
  16. my motor (281) with mild compression(10.2:1), stock size NPI valves, and mild cams, but down 310rwhp, i know if i went high comp, oversized valves and bigger cams, i know i could have made over 330rwhp with the stock displacment
  17. I put 325 to the wheels with tiny ass Comp 262ah's cams. 400hp in this current age is no problems for a 2v.
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  19. What an intelligent post...
  20. If you are building an all out race engine the 4 v setup will be better. But if you are building a daily driver performance engine you are better off going the 2v routine.

    Bill your head port charges the same to do all that extra work that 4v's require? Double the amount of valve seats, valve bowls and a divider wall. :shrug: