2005 GT vs 2004 Mach 1

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by JimTMich, Apr 14, 2004.

  1. Yankees? You're a Flames fan so i'm assuming you are from Calgary? As in Canada? OK, Nuff said there. BTW, when was the last time a Canadian team even won the Cup? Thanks for the sport, we'll take it from here. :flag:
  2. It basically comes down to personal preference, I mean both cars will be close in performance but lets face it the 05GT is pretty much all new from the ground up and should whip the Mach in every other facet like fit/finish, materials used, overall design...etc

    We can argue over looks all day long but in the end, not to take any thing away from previous Mustangs (Mach included) lets face it, the current stang is built on a 25 year old chassis and I think th 05 will be a much better car. Maybe if Ford updated more then just the sheet metal and interior over the years on the current Stang we might have a valid arguement. That being said, I will not be trading in my Mach though for one. Possibly in the future I might buy one but right now I'm happy with my current ride. :flag:

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    montreal canadiens in '94- maybe you've heard of them, they're the ones that have the MOST cups.

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  4. Montreal won in 93, The Rangers won in 94. The Devils (a real team) have won 3 out of the last 9, and appeared in 4. In the last 10 years, American teams have won 10 times. If I'm not mistaken, that Montreal team is the last Canadian team to even make it to the finals. It's all irrellevant, anyway, because Canadian teams simply can't be profitable. Montreal is the only one that has a prayer of surviving the CBA war. If hockey survives at all.
  5. your saying "dorks" will be driving 05' gt's like "dorks" dont drive mach 1's "dorks" drive any kind of car and the year of it dosent matter. mustangs are affordable cars and thats why old women drive the same car you do. Does that make you feel any better?
    so your chicks might just as well holla at a granny out cruising.

    04 machs are nice
    05 gts are nice and new and will have the same crowd driving them in a year

    it dosent matter who else drives your type of car its, how you stand out.
  6. :rlaugh: Well said! That's called rationalization.

    Buy what you want, because nobody else cares. Really.

  7. This arguing is retarded. Clearly Tommy was attempting to get the "best mustang" and probably **** himself when he saw an enhanced 2005 coming out. He is simply trying to say "2004 are cooler" in order to give himself some sort of assurance that his mustang is still comparable or better then the 2005. Sorry, but the 2005 mustang rapes that boxy stang (opinion :)) Arguing here is useless and point less, we are all mustang owners arguing like rice. There is nothing wrong with modding or making your car look better. Personally, switching badges is dumb but that is my opinion.
  8. true, but you neglect the fact that those "american" teams are comprised of primarily canadian players..... :shrug:

    something we can *almost* agree on. the exception being the toronto make me laughs. they are the most profitable team in the "N", they're just too cheap to use that $ to go for a cup. i suppose it's hard to motivate the owners to open their wallet when you sell out every game and season tickets are booked for the next 50yrs.

    oh yeah...... mach 1's rock :nice: (gotta stay on topic)


  9. no Im not in Calgary. you dont need to know where I am. regardless of where I am you a still a dweeb who needs to flash "SVT" all over the place to feel worthy.

    ps- we are growing a kid name Sidney Crosby who's gonna stomp you americans at the Olympics for decades to come.

    oh yah, and make mine a mach 1 (for 10 gs less than an 05 up here!)

    find any WMD's yet?

  10. no , the 04's arent cooler than the 05, THE 04 MACH 1 is cooler than the 05's. get it straight ho.
  11. Anyone read the forum rules lately?


  12. :lock: weiser - built tough.
  13. Sorry I normally never post about personal type stuff, but this tommy guy must have lost it, i guess he was a "dork" when he bought his new Mach 1. Hey but its half payed off, so it must be half cool. Also sorry to inform you but there are plenty of 4 cyl engine cars that would smoke your mach 1, i love mustangs, but i also happen to have an open mind, oh yeah and i know how to use it. To everyone else this site is awesome and I normally read most of the topics and sometimes reply, because there is alot of info to learn from this site, and I can't wait to get an 05. Then maybe see what else comes out in the following years, i can always trade up.
  14. turbo he doesn't own a mach he owns a gt. Also the only 4 cylinders that will beat a mach is one with a power adder or heavy mods. Not a valid argument. I could build a go cart with a ducati (spelling) engine and make it faster than a mach but I really don't want to kill myself :D . Also Wylde I am just saying that everything you have said should have had the imho nomicker and that you can't judge a car from a test drive. And I believe performance is a big issue with any mustang. Part of the reason the late model 70's cars lost their appeal was perfomance. I expect performance from a performance car. I bought the mach because I love it and wasn't impressed with the current version of the new car. Each of us have opinions on scoops but I still believe thats what gives it character.

  15. not just dorks, RICH DORKS. As they are going to cost around 42,000 give or take a few thousand (cdn funds) after 14% taxes, unless your a wagon. (gst and pst).

    The only guys in my town with that kind of dough are dorks.

    The tough guys drive older ones. (like me cause im a tough guy) Not to say I wont buy a mach 1 when they fall a little more. ps - Im one of the good guys. (most of us are in this country)

    :lock: mach 1's got the street on lock-down.
  16. 42,000???!!!!!! Sir just put the pipe down and step away from the lighter. There's no way on god's green earth a Gt will go for that much, not when you can walk out the door w/ a 03 or 04 cobra for that much. :bs:
  17. AH, pay attention...he said (CDN $) that price is correct. I'm not too thrilled by his performance on this thread but he is right on that point.

    MSRP for 2004 acording to www.ford.ca

    base starts at $23,495
    GT starts at $31,795
    Cobra starts at $46,655
    Mach 1 starts at $37,895

    once you start adding up options $42k is easily reached on a Mach 1 and that can be before taxes. Where I live we only have the GST (Goods and Services Tax, which is across the country) no PST (Provincial sales tax, which is set by the province, similar to state tax) so I would be taxed another 7% on top of the sale price.

  18. yah man, you gotta pay better attention when you read, essay.

  19. Ummm....they DID sell the '00 Cobra R's to individuals. Infact- i watched one pull out of Fox and Hound here in Houston a couple months ago. It was the REAL DEAL. Also-theres no mistaking that very disctinct sound of the 5.4 coming out the side exit exhaust.
  20. yah, youre right, I think I had it confused with some other exotic.

    Whats that cobra r sound like, how is it so distinctive?

    Thats a ****in ride.