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  1. I am looking to put my mexican blocked 347 stroker in this winter. Therefore the stroker I am currently running is up for sale. Can hear run. I need to make some room in the garage. Please contact me if interested. I need to get about $2600.00 out of it. The motor only has about 1500 miles on it. That is about half the price of stokers I have seen for sale elsewhere. E-mail me @ [email protected] for more info.
  2. Is this the one that has a ring groove intersecting the CR pin or not?
  3. no it is not

  4. Could you please explain ring groove and CR pin? thanks.
  5. The early version of the 347 kit had the piston pin intersected the lower ring groove which made some use oil.
  6. The kit has Kieth black Silvolite pistons. If it does intersect it is very minimal. I do so remember ,however that there were 3 oil control rings for added stability. I hope this answers your question. I could find the part #for the pistons. The kit was purchased and the engine was built 2 yrs ago.
  7. Using a 5.315" rod, with a 1.175" piston combo allows the wrist pin NOT to intersect the oil ringland.

    Using a 5.400" rod, with a 1.090" piston combo allows the wrist pin to intersect.

    The latter, has an oil ring support ring added to the regular two oil rings and the oil spacer.
  8. There you have it. Both of my strokers have 5.400 rods. Thanks for the info. No problems to date .:nice:
  9. My stroker has a 5.5" rod, and zero oil consumption at 4000 miles. The old style piston ring support plugs sucked, and caused the motors to burn some oil. The newer ones are improved.
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