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  1. The video they provided the link to on TMS says nothing about heads; it is just the car at idle for the most part. Still no proof of 400+ rwhp...... In the video, the car is strapped on they dyno- obviously they haven't hit the mark or else they'd release the dyno numbers now.
  2. Sorry, should have been clearer. Click on the video link. On the right hand side, where the description is, click on "more info".

    And I'm sure you're right. They probably haven't hit the number that they're wanting to.
  3. That is my car (ok really my old man's) in the video. It has Sutton's heads on it. Car should be very close to the 400rwhp mark, but tuning is not done on it yet. Customers that pay get priority though. I'll see if I can't get my old man to post all the details.
  4. We could just as easily cry foul too since we are working with a lot fewer cubes.

    So I agree with you.
  5. That thread on TMS seems to have been pulled today, or moved, but I can't find, even when searching on my "jwgroovin" screen name...

  6. My guess is that Sutton was too involved in the thread, and I don't believe they are a paid sponsor. I wish they'd pay, because I'm interested in what they have to say.
  7. So am I, very interested. I would like to see some results.
  8. Ford racing has developed a set of cams that are good for 30 hp on stock heads, use stock springs and you don't loose mid range. These same cams are good for 75 hp with ported heads. Thats all most 400 hp right there. From what I understand, there's only 2 sets of these cams in existance right now as there not being produced for sale yet, but soon. Saleen gets 400 hp all motor from thier P Jones edition, but it is stroked to 5.0. MMR says a 5.0 stroke is good for 40 hp and 40 foot pounds. So just a stroke gets us to 340 hp without anything else. 400 hp doesn't seem so far fetched anymore. It will be quit common soon I believe.
  9. not that hard,
    i make 369 at the rear wheels

    stroked 281 (now 298ci)
    stage III heads, stage II turbo cams,
    C.R. is a little LOWER, in readiness for turbos,
    and the turbo cams cant be helping the naturally aspirated power either.

    switch my cams to some BBR II's or something more intended for natural aspiration, and raise the C.R. a bit, and 400rwhp is easy,
    no f.i., and u dont have to tell em you are stroked,
  10. My Whippled 08 puts down 443rwhp and 435rwtq on a very conservative tune and it's as drivable as stock.

    Come next tax season, I'm gonna go with some forged internals and turn up the wick on my huffer.

    CAMARO??? Bring 'em on!
  11. Bringing this back from thread dead.

    First Graph is my car, 2006 GT 5 speed. Most bolt ons (waiting on intake, throttle body, and light weight flywheel). Has Sutton HP Heads and Cams, about 380rwhp. Very streetable car, if not for the exhaust you wouldn't know it from stock.

    Second graph is Alton Klemins car (he runs Renegade class in NMRA). His car is similar set up, but its an automatic. It has the FRPP CNC heads and FRPP Hot Rod cams.

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  12. Since you brought this back from the dead... In July's Modified Mustang a guy from GAS (Galpin Auto Sports/ pimp my ride dudes) had a motor built by JDM engineering to the tune of 420RWHP. To top it off they put a 200shot of NOS for 630RWHP....
  13. Got to love those Dynojets:rlaugh:...Grats to those who have achieved it....Now run it in the 1/4 mile against the same car with stock motor with a power adder...Love to see that race, should be verrry close..
  14. Price. I highly doubt i would be able to get a new Camaro for around the same price as my '08 GT...

    The mustang has always been better priced than the camaro.
  15. The car will be at Rt. 66 all weekend for the NMRA race. I went 12.4 @109 with a slightly different setup than the car has now. Went back and went 112mph but had suspension issues, car was launching too hard and the backend started hopping like a pogo stick. Thats all sorted out now so hopefully it will be very low 12's this weekend and maybe if I'm lucky it will dip into the 11s. (side note: I already have a FI car and wanted something different.)
  16. That car was impressive, but I think it was with a built short block that was over 300ci. We trying to see if we can get 400rwhp on the stock shortblock.
  17. Yeah, your are correct. IIRC it was bored and stroked to 302ci. I have to say it is a nice looking ride to boot!!!


    They changed the rear deck spoiler!!!:nonono:
  18. Impressive to say the least...It must sound pretty sick too..
  19. Are you serious? What kind of dyno would you prefer? I hope to god you don't say a Mustang dyno. :rlaugh:
  20. LOL, yup the Mustang dyno, it lets me down everytime I feel I want to be a dyno queen..