5.0Droptops 87 Coupe project

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  1. it seems everybody around here uses southside bars, you like them?
  2. Coupe is looking good!
  3. i have no reason not to like them.:shrug:
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  4. Gotta be rough on the road with southsides. Really feeling your pain with the rust. I'm in the same boat for a little while longer. If you don't have quarters go to tabco soon. They don't always carry them and now is the time.
  5. Havent noticed roughness with the south sides. Car has lowering springs to. It still rides good.

    Hopefully they will have them later. Im not ready to buy them right now.
    Thanks for the info I saved their site in my favorites.:nice:
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  6. I bought 2 new gauges Oil Press and Water Temp for my A pillar pod. I didnt care for the silver trim on the lower gauge so I painted it black. They are smoked covers with an LED back light.

    View attachment 192552

    View attachment 192553
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  7. Let me know when you're tired of this thing, I'll wander on up the road and take it off
    Your hands.

    Lookin good brochacho
  8. The car looks good. A set of door latch striker bushings is about $5 and will make your doors close a lot better than they do in that pic you posted above. Unless the door wasn't closed all the way? :shrug:
  9. Thanks Tanner.

    91notch. The door wasn't closed.
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  10. Gotcha, sorry about that. I have a set just sitting here I was gonna mail out to you if you needed them. Anyway, looking forward to more pics and progress. :nice:
  11. Yo car is sexy, mang. Keep bringing the progress!
  12. That's kind of u to offer. Thanks.
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  13. Thanks Nik
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  14. HOLY ****. Thanks for the clue to fixing my annoying doors!

    I had no idea how much difference these things made. The 90 I just picked up had some poor closing doors, not bad just not nice enough. I read the comment above and started researching and in 5 mins I found this.

    I have no idea how long it will last but it took just a couple of minutes to do and now both my doors shut awesome and make the nice "solid" sound without needing to be slammed or closed hard. Awesome.

    YouTube - Trunk striker bushing repair - 1991 Ford Mustang GT
  15. Im thinking that poly hose wont last long. but for as cheap as it is its worth a try.
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  16. Agreed, I am more excited knowing even if they fail in a couple days that real bushings will fix the problem for years.

    It's the little things that set these cars apart from piles, and proper closing doors is a big one.
  17. I agree. You could wrap electrical tape around the striker just to see if it makes the door close right. If it does then I would order the proper bushings.. Mine have been repalced already
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  18. Not much progress....

    I traded a fellow mustang buddy my 94 5.0 electric fan I had sitting around for a fan he had from a 3.8 mustang. His car is a 94 and he wanted the oem unit.

    I did install that fan yesterday evening... it covers a large surface area and I was able to remount my over flow bottle in the factory spot....

    I wired loomed the wires and its a real clean install...I installed it on a 40 amp relay that turns the fan on with the inginiton. I want to get a temp switch set up eventually. The fan pulls between 15-20 amps... I have a 130 amp powermast 2 g alt but my car has no AC Power windows or anything..... so I feel it will be fine. I inspected the plugs on the alt and all wiring everything looks new....Ill keep an eye on it. Even with underdrive pullies the battery guage is steady not significant loads shown on the gauge even with the lights on.

    I cut off the bracket on the left side of picture so i could mount my overflow tank. I had to cut the plastic housing right behind the fan motor so it would clear the water pump... worked out good....

    View attachment 189140

    After some cuting on the fan I installed it

    View attachment 189141

    View attachment 189142

    View attachment 189143

    View attachment 189144

    View attachment 189145

    View attachment 189146

    View attachment 189147

    View attachment 189148

    View attachment 189149

    View attachment 189150

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  19. Good! nice to see she works for ya.
  20. Yeah it worked out nice... Real happy with it..Was nice to put a face with a name too LOL
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