5.0Droptops 87 Coupe project

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  1. yep, we just got to go harass NIK now and the gang will be complete lol
  2. Yeah we need to go meet him and get his garage all dirty and rearrange his tools.......HAHA
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  3. Latest update,
    I put a black upper radiator hose on LOL

    Since I sold my truck I decided to get the windows tinted. I think I made a mistake. I looked at all the sample glass he had tinted in his shop and the 20 % looked really light the 15% looked like what I wanted and limo was to dark. So I opted for the 15%.gave him the keys and went home....I Just picked up the car and its a lot darker than I expected.....I hope I dont get a ticket... theres no AC in the car so the windows are down when its warm and dry and i really dont drive the coupe at night very often...time will tell......

    Its very overcast in this picture bt its pretty dark....... ugh...

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  4. When I first bought my car, it had limo tint on all the windows, and it was retarded dark. Between that and the tinted headlight covers the PO had on the car, it was impossible to drive at night. After getting pulled over for the window tint twice, it had to go. Now I'm starting to think about putting tint on the windows again, but something much lighter. How much they charge you?

    I keeel you!

    Haha, how did I miss this comment? Once I get a new clutch cable in my car, we need to meet up at the track and make Josh come out so he can envy us, since we actually have drivable cars right now.. :p
  5. haha, mine should be done in about a month. ill bring the monster notch, so you can see me run some 19's lol. im hoping the first pass i get kicked out because of no cage, that would make my day.
  6. Sounds fun. I'm waiting for a little cooler air before I go to track
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  7. You need to give me a heads up when that happens, I definitely need to see that in person, hahaha.

    Yea, last time I was at the track, I was roasting. Can't blame you there.
  8. A coupe as nice as yours is what made me sell the GTO and start looking for the one I ended up with. I told my wife it'd be cheaper since I didn't have to make a 369.00 monthly GTO payment.

    Let's see......it's only been a year since I bought that thing,:thinking:...If I woulda kept the GTO I'd only be out 4500.00.
    Since I bought that mustang and don't have to make a monthly payment, I'm thinking I've spent just about 1.5 times that YTD.

    Soo, now that I think of it.

    A coupe as nice as yours is what has caused me to just about go broke, put my eye out, and corrupt my every waking moment. Cause me to neglect friends and family, the yard, the house, AND the dog.


    For having such a nice car:D
  9. Thanks for the compliments. My car needs a lot of work it just photos well.
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  10. Updates:

    Well first off I had to clean up the garage and make it better looking

    View attachment 171904

    Next I hung up my new lighted sign I got off the e bay

    View attachment 171906

    View attachment 171908

    Cleaned under the hood some

    View attachment 171910

    Then I took the exhaust off car. I had American thunder 40 series mufflers. I opened them up and modified the guts and welded them back up

    Then I made these 3" stainless tips and installed them onto the 2.5" Mac exhaust tubes from muffler back I picked up.

    View attachment 171911

    Here they are compared to stock

    View attachment 171913

    Installed on car

    View attachment 171915
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  11. I'll try to get a vid with audio sometime soon.

    The gutted 40's sound similar to Mac flowpath mufflers deep at idle and raspy up top. I like it. So far all my mustang buddies have said it sounds great.
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  12. Coupe looks great man!
  13. Thanks
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  14. great build thus far!
  15. I'm just doing a little at a time. Not in a hurry.
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  16. Clean Notches. :drool:
  17. i feel you on that.
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