5.0L Fox powered by Eaton M90 Supercharger

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  1. Nice looking 88 GT. What size hood was that?
  2. Thanks.

    It was a 2 1/2" Harwood Bolt On.
  3. Years ago Hot Rod Magazine had a mustang I think that may have been a 5.0 or a 3.8 Super Coupe-motor equipped, but they had 2 M90's on it somehow--they sat on either side of the motor. It was pretty cool, but way beyond my talents.
  4. Yes, his name is Mike Sitar and he's an engineer at Eaton. :nice:
  5. What kind of electrical connections if any have to be made? That type of S/C really interests me, can't get enough of that whine! Also, do you have emmisions testing where your at, and if so do you pass with this setup?
  6. No special electronics are necessary at all. I'm in Michigan and right now we don't have the sniffer so I'm safe for now. It wouldn't pass by a mile now....
  7. Thanks for getting back so quick. That could be a deal breaker for me. You guys are lucky you don't have to pass emmisions. The MA emmisions test is a pain in the ass. Maybe with a good dyno tune it would pass?
  8. Well, maybe I should be more specific. I don't think having an M90 on a stock setup would make you fail. But on my particular car I have deleted EGR now and run long tube headers (no cats)....
  9. Haven't forgot you charged9250, I'll have pics of the hood by the end of the week. :nice:
  10. Charged, here are the pics I promised. I like the hood but the bottom-side is unfinished (and dirty)



  11. Cool thanks for the pics.
  12. Really sweet man! Car looks great, and I love the Roots style whine :D

    I'd suggest one minor detail to finish the car off... A set of diamond clear headlamps. Here's a pic of them on my S/Ced 89- Got them off eBay for $180 shipped.



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  13. I thought the m90 was twin screw, not roots, ohwell I am not sure.
  14. Na,there roots just like the M120 Eaton in my Lightning.
  15. Thanks for the suggestion diablo, I've been considering replacing the stockers. Those lights look great though. :nice: Once I get the car running where I want it, I'll finish the car with the exterior and body mods.
  16. Oh got it thanks for clearing that up.
  17. sweet thats a very unique setup! but is the m90 enough blower for a modified 5.0?
  18. :nice:
    I'll have to let you know. I know of another guy that has a modified M90 on a 5.0L and he runs 11s.... :nice:
  19. Could you run the Eaton M112 on a 5.0 as well? I LOVE that whine :drool: