5 lug / suspension parts finally collected

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  1. Well, I think I have enough stuff to replace pretty much the whole suspension now. What do you guys think?

    Also, does anyone know how the Pro3i rear LCAs work? They didn't come with instructions so I just kind of figured out how to cram the bushings in there. I have no idea how to install the grease fittings though. The hole in the control arm isn't threaded and it doesn't look like there is any room for it to even fit in there??

    I'll post pics and stuff when i'm done with everything. Not sure when i'm going to start or how long it's going to take though.

    Here is the final (hopefully) list of stuff I went with. I wanted to make it was detailed so hopefully others can benefit from it. It seemed when I was looking around everyone's parts list that I found was worthless and left a bunch of stuff out. About 3,500$ worth of stuff in all. :eek:

    2x 1994-95 V6/GT Spindles 150$ - *
    4x 245x45x17 tires 550$ -
    -----Maximum Motorsports------
    1x Maximum Motorsports Brake line adapter (MMBAK-4) 7$ - *
    1x Maximum Motorsports Caster/Camber Plates 87-89 (MMCC7989) 199$ - *
    1x Maximum Motorsports Bump Steer Kit 87-93 Tapered Stud (MMTR-2) 149$ - *
    2x New 1994-95 V6/GT Hubs (513115) 108$- *
    2x wheel cylinders - 20$ *
    1x Drum Shoe Kit 20$ - *
    -----Buy Ford Racing.com------
    2x 10th annv. 2003 cobra calipers/brackets 260$- *
    2x Stainless brake lines for cobra calipers 0$ - *
    2x 13in brembo rotors 100$ - *
    2x banjo bolts/washers 0$ - *
    2x 5-lug 28T axles 249$ - *
    2x 5-lug ranger drums 0$ - *
    ------Ford Parts Desk---------
    2x rear axle bearing/seals (93 mustang) 57$ - *
    4x 94 Mustang Strut Bolts / Nuts 33$ - *
    2x hub to spindle nut 26$ - *
    4x caliper to spindle bolt (N805163-S190) 28$ - *
    1x Friction Modifier (M19546A) 4$ - *
    -----Breeze Automotive-----
    4x 16MM Front Control Arm Bolts 30$ - *
    4x 16MM Front Control Arm Nuts 10$ - *
    2x Spacer Washer for SN95 spindle/balljoint 4$ - *
    2x Dust caps for SN95 hubs 10$ - *
    1x Pro3i Street Lower Control Arms (PRO3-SLCAS) 170$ - *
    ------Summit Racing------
    1x Bullitt Style Suspension (Struts/Springs) (M5400A) 419$ - *
    1x FMS Front Control Arms (M3075A) 215$ - *
    ------Late Model Restoration-------
    1x MAC Rear Support Cover (MAC-28800) 120$ - *
    3x 1QT Royal Purple 75W90 Gear Oil (RP-12300) 30$ - *
    4x 98 Cobra Wheels (M1007D178) 460$ - *
    1x Locking Lug Nut/Valve Stem Set (LRS-1012BK) 30$ - *
    1x Drum Hardware Kit (LRS-H7246) 20$ - *


  2. Gotta love those parts piles

  3. Especially on that color of carpet!!!:eek:
  4. Lol, greasy used spindles on light colored carpet.
  5. Nah, not greasy anymore. I painted the spindles and the drums black. Just have to replace those crappy old hubs with the new ones sitting on the shelf. I don't have a vice or anything so i'll do it on the car
  6. great loooking pile
  7. Gotta love new parts. I have the Bullitt springs in my car as well and the car doesn't seem heavy enough to achieve any significant lowering. Handles better though.

    What kind of isolators were you going to use with the springs? I used poly but I'd like to know if anyone has used rubber with the Bullitt springs and noticed a difference in ride height. My poly isolators did not settle at all.
  8. swaping to 5 lug opens your options for rims why did you go with cobra's ?.. also are those cobra brakes brand new or did you paint them? mine are black and i want them red... if you didnt paint them what kind of paint would you go with?... nice looking part pile, Good luck on the swap!
  9. I was planning on using the stock rubbers. I'll let you know when i'm done on the height.
  10. Those are the 10th. anniversary cobra calipers which came red from the factory.


    As far as the wheels, I like the look of the 98 cobra wheels, they are cheap, and they are the lighest of all of the ford wheels I believe. Not too common either, most people seem to go with Cobra Rs or the 99 cobra wheels.
  11. The 98 Cobra wheels are one of my favorite, nice choice :nice:

    Awesome stash of parts, will be a fun job
  12. Whats wrong with 98 Cobra wheels, They look awesome. To the normal guy they look the same as a 95 Cobra R wheel, but to us they are differnt and far superior:hail2:

    my question is what made him decide to do all this and not go with rear disc brakes? I see drums in that pic:shrug:
  13. Yeah, great list of parts, but why didnt you just go for broke and get discs in the back?
  14. Yeah yeah, I keep getting crap for the drums. I just didn't feel like spending a bunch more money on something that doesn't really help much. Yes they look better than drums though.

    This way I don't have to mess with the e-brake, MC, PV, or rear brakes. I'm going to try this setup and see how it works. It's not like I can't go down the road and just buy some of the pieces that I need and convert to rear disc.
  15. You should have posted this in tech, and it should be added to daggars list of useful threads cause i wasnt going to do a 5l swap cause i could never find a complete list of parts and this is about as complete as you could get. Nice work and nice writeup, ill be referring to it often. Take some pics of the progress and make a thread about that as well :nice:
  16. OMG are you serious:shrug:



    These should help you on your way......
  17. mine brakes are black tho, what would i go about doing to make them red like yours ? i mean what type of paint would use to make the black red?

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  18. It's not that hard, but you'll need to take off the caliper. It's gonna be tough as hell to do on the car.

    The CObra caliper I did with VHT spray caliper paint. I did a few coats in red, let it dry and then used a small brush to paint the COBRA in black. Other guys tape the COBRA lettering very carefully and then paint the caliper and peel the paint off.

    The Mach 1 calipers i did using the Duplicolor brush on paint. It worked pretty well and was easy since the Mach 1 caliper lacks any wording.

    They look a little orange due to the camera. They are red

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  19. wait till you feel the difference with those FRPP control arms. the most amazing difference i have felt in handling on any car yet. dont even need to mention the rest...but schhhwing