6.17 gears too much?

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  1. Ummm, in case this hasn't been beaten up enough...wrong answer. :nonono:

    2.73=standard gear ratio
    3.27=optional gear ratio
  2. Mach 1's do not have forged anything that the 03's have. The manuals have the forged 8 bolt crank. Mach's have an aluminum block, Cobra has an iron block. Mach's have a higher compression ratio than the 99 Cobras. The Mach engine is not a 99 cobra motor.
  3. Halcyon.....i see you have a quote of mine at the bottom of your sig......i cant believe that......its crazy!!!!!!!! that was on my previous sn (red98z28)
  4. Lets not leave out that the 03/04 cobra engines ar FULLY FORGED....unlike any other previous 4v.....to be very technical..the 96-97 had the same engine except for the mains (96 had an 8 bolt main i believe or maybe it is 6...i forget), the 98 had better flowing intake, 99 was down on power till "the fix" 01 was a revised version of the previous F up...then the 03/04 mach is a totally different 4v than that in the previous cobras and the autos do redline ALOT sooner due to a weaker bottom end, and the 03/04 cobras are totally different than any other 4valve. So there are alot of variations between all the 4v motors aluminium/cast blocks, different bolted mains, different internals, intakes, cams............etc... alot of sides to the beast!
  5. you are officially the dumbest person on stangnet. :nice: :banana: :hail2:
  6. lol this thread is prutty entertaining...
  7. Hmm I guess the 03-04 cobra engines gont either the H beam rods to make them rev limit at 6800 (H beams are usually rated to 7K) or it got the cheaper forged steel like that 5240 (not sure on the exact numbers) stuff.My engine has the 4130 (I believe thats the right numbers...its been a while since I bough it) and its actually rated to 8000 RPM with the I beam rods, but we just limited it to 7500 RPM just to be safe.So anyways I am glad that you agree that 6.17s are WAY too much.Also I believe she told me that it was an 01 cobra engine that her friend had, and if you look on her page I believe it still says that she has 5.13s in that auto mach 1 RIGHT now, talk about no top end with that low reving auto LOL.So what exactly does it limit at, my 04 limits at 6250 I belive, so wouldnt it be the same?
  8. i left a message for her
  9. Ok. I think theres a lot of misleading information in this thread, actually, this whole thread is misleading.

    6.17 gears are supreme drag gears for a car that has wide gearing and a high rev-limiter(like 8000rpm). Why is she going to swap out her Mach 1 motor for a Cobra motor ? If she's talking about getting a newer Cobra motor that's supercharged, then anything more than 4.10's or 4.30's is going to be too much on the stock tire size. If she runs a 28in slick and her rev-limiter is set for a good 7k rpms, then she can get away with 4.56's and nothing more.

    I think whoever started this thread should not have to begin with. Chances are this girl is not even reading this thread so this information is pointless. It's just a bunch of guys posting thier opinions on a stupid topic and it's doing nothing but taking up space and eating up bandwidth.
  10. its not tech, but neither is 50% of the stuffin this forum...but she is definately retarded....she raced factory stock:rolleyes: I'd like to see that, oh and she had 5.13 gears in a 2v gt. what a fn joke
  11. The most I've ever seen in a 2v GT is 4.88 gears. That was also in a GT that had a 8k rpm rev-limiter with lots of internal motor work.
  12. I would be shocked if a ring gear for 6.17s actually fit in the case of a 8.8 in the first place.
  13. :rolleyes: riiiiiiiight
  14. i dunno man, i mean my exhaust guy has 5.6x gears in an old chebby truck (true redneck), ive seen him pull the wheels off the ground before and its just a little v6.........his top speed is just a hair over 80mph tho
  15. 03/04 Cobras have Manley H-beams rods.

    Aren't I-beam rods lighter and stronger? :shrug: I think I remember reading that over on modulardepot.
  16. Ok how about this, I will give here a link to this page so she can read this info...also notice the part where I said to LEAVE HER A LITTLE SOMETHING IN HERE G BOOK...basically saying to tell her why she should not put that steep of gears in.Thanks ALOT for backing me up on this one every one...I knew I was right LOL J/K. Yea like I told her before (99% sure I did) those gears are mainly fr circle track cars that come around the corner and want to pick up speed FAST up to around 8-9K.
  17. Just 'cuz I'm bored...

    6500RPMs, 28" tire, 4th gear, 5.13 gears = 105.5 mph
    6500RPMs, 28" tire, 4th gear, 6.17 gears = 87 mph
  18. What's funny is there is no such thing as a 6.17 gear ratio for the 8.8, the closest is a 6.14. A 5.71 gear might work but that is assuming an 8K RPM redline in a FS car running 28" tire which isn't even legal in FS. I remember her running her car in Bradenton two years ago in FS. If she plans on being anywhere near competitive she better start doing better research.

  19. pretty sure the auto mach has a lower redline because the stock torque converter is garbage, cast cranks can easily be spun 7-8k without issue and are 600+ rwhp safe

    edit: wow just noticed the date on this ancient one lol
  20. :lol: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    Tell this girl she's on crack. Most I would go is 4.30 N/A or 4.10 w/centri blower or 3.73 with roots blower.