65 Fastback 4.6 DOHC Turbo Progress Pics

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  1. Thanks for the compliments, I have been working on wiring the pig up so no new pics yet. I hope to fire it in a week or so, then it gets torn back apart to get the engine bay painted.
  2. good work and nice project!
  3. I guess you're going to use hood pins to secure your hood. Or are you going to setup something else?
  4. I have actually done a little work on the car, so I thought I'd put up a few pics. I took everything apart and painted, and am now doing final assembly!!! Got my carb back from CSU yesterday.


    I am now taking donations to get the body work done ;D ;D

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  5. did you fire it up yet? what is the status on the rest of your drivetrain?
  6. Look sgood. A 20x6in core on the IC ?
  7. co6b5ra, nice job on the car. i think the only change i would make is rather than use the four link i would use a torque arm rear suspension given the amount of power you are likely to be putting down.

    as for the power block, i have been watching the shows since they first formed the power block, and i have been watching horsepower tv since it forst came on, when it was nhra today and RC bannon was one of the hosts(i met him once when he was taking his daughters mustang to a dealer he owned in california to be sold). of course spike tv was known by a different name then, the nashville network as i recall. kevin, you guys have maintained the level of quality on trucks that stacy david built when the show first came on, great job to you, and i hope you stay around for a long time to come.
  8. I missed where Power Block was brought up.
  9. Did you make that gauge cluster yourself?

    I want one!

    Looks very nice.
  10. Engine bay looks great! Keep the pics and progress coming.
  11. I'm currently working on a similar setup(EFI though) just wondering if you had a better picture of the master cylinder area...manual brakes I'm assuming....I saw this dual master cylnder setup in the NPD catalog I would love to try if there is enough room, the caris looking great btw....let us know how it handles when its finished
  12. Where does one find a DOHC Carb intake at? Who makes it?
  13. I know a lot of you like carbs, but why would you want to lose the efficiency and versatility of EFI? if its just the look, get a TBI setup(to use on a carb manifold)
  14. Never mind. I linked to KarKraft but they have discontinued their Modular Carb parts.
  15. There isn't a HUGE difference. At least not most are willing to spend K's for, me included. Some can't build their own MS, so the cost is huge. Only real reason I'm doing it is all the stuff I wanted to data log, and timing I wanted to change. You can do that with a carb too, but by the time to do so, the cost is almost equal to low buck EFI. Carb-350 plus home mods, EFI-1500-2k with MS system.
  16. 1500? only if its not well planned out in advance and you don't scrounge for deals, regardless though I wasn't really talking about converting from carb to EFI(which really doesn't mystify me, the carb setup is simpler and cheaper, no doubt) I was curious as to why you would take an engine that is EFI stock and convert it to a carb setup at greater cost and complication, not to say it isn't neat to see. I am actually a fan of carbs in a turbo setup, tuning boost with a carb in some ways is easier since you don't need to continually flash new tunes into the ECU or mess about on a laptop all the time, however, even the best carb can't adjust as well or as quickly to changing driving situations. If I was building a drag turbo car, a carb would actually be high on the list, but if its a daily driver and came with EFI to begin with...I don't think so, both power and fuel efficiency are higher with EFI(though not extremely so)
  17. EFI is only as good as the tuner. Same for a carburetor.
  18. Not to mention, if its going in a classic, that last thing i want to deal with is 50lbs of wiring and computer sensors and BS. Carb is easy, and clean.
  19. Wow what a car.....

    Keep up the good work.