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  1. 235LB INJECTORS?!?! Holy smokes, i didnt even know they make injectors that big! lol
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  2. WOAH! A ProMod on the street!? Awesome!!!
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  3. Call me crazy or whatever but I wanted to put a few more street miles on the car before the race next weekend. So we were driving it around a bit the rain. It was more than a drizzle a light rain I guess you would call it. The roads were completely wet and I may not have any wipers but I'm going out to buy some rainx today, lol. Here is a quick clip from the drive in the rain so no one calls bull:poo:. It wasn't exactly easy to drive, steer, shift and videotape all at the same time.

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  4. You craaazy :D
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  5. So NMRA at Maryland International is in the books. We took my car down and entered it into the True Street class. For those of you that aren't familiar, True Street consists of a 30 mile street cruise (the car must be 100% street legal: insurance, registration, tags, lights, turn signals, horn etc) After the cruise a minimal cool down time is given and you must make three back to back passes without opening the hood, adding fuel or any other work with the exception of removing air from the tires.

    Friday we setup all of our stuff and made two passes. The first pass was on a set of 315 radials. The tires wound up rubbing the passenger quarter panel and destroyed the tire and peeled open my car a little bit. A hammer and 275/60/15 Mickey Thompson tires fixed that right up. Our second pass out went a little better
    Here is the tire that we trashed
    More from the weekend after my dinner
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  6. Soooooooooooooohohohohooooo close to the 7s. :nice:

    Still no @Diode Dynamics ?
  7. It's 9:00pm, dinners over! We want more!

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  8. Man that tire is crazy looking. How did that happen? Did you guys make changes? How did true street go?
  9. Ahem

  10. Sorry didnt catch thd last part of the text
  11. Sorry for leaving everyone hanging but I was preoccupied with this new toy in my basement... IMG_20140505_194314454.jpg bare with me here, I'll finish the update shortly!
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  12. im on my way over...
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  13. Tourament time! Ill bring a taco
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  14. i'll make more bacon wrapped onion rings
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  15. that car is a beast!! come on post that slip with the 7 second pass?
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  16. he would have to unbolt that vortech and put a garrett on it
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  17. Ouch!
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  18. Well...the 7 second pass didn't happen this weekend. The 30 mile cruise is hard to follow up with back to back passes and not a lot of cool down time. The car stayed cool enough on the cruise and had 10 mins to cool down once we returned. On the first pass the alternator pulley came loose, stripped the pulley out, tossed the belt off and trashed the alternator. Without enough voltage to fire the plugs with 30lbs of boost the car started breaking up and it had to be shut down around 1000' down the track. With that being said, it coasted through to:
    The incrimentals put this in the 7.80 zone if it would have stayed under power. We had to take the dnf as it wasn't worth blowing something else up over a 100$ part. All told, I couldn't be happier to see the car run that good especially after the cruise and given there is only 10 or so passes on this combo.
    This was from the first and only pass we made on Saturday:
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  19. :lol: Am waiting patiently....