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  1. Sounds like it will go .80's. Thing's making big steam. The blue DMC coupe up here is the baddest rig at NED x275 far as I know. Been .80's. Rest of the pack is around 5.20's. I've been 6.0 so I am way off the pace lol. Hence why I am asking all these questions.
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  2. I'll just leave this here...
  3. Rhut rho rhaggy
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  4. #RaceCarProblems
  5. that blue coupe has been low 4.60s on a good track. we looked at that car before getting the 99 cobra
  6. Shoulda figured its been faster by now. Saw it at NED last year and it went 4.8 like nothing. Dead straight, car works.
  7. thats when it was running 4.60's it was before the new owner got it. DMC didnt build the chassis btw...
  8. So when do expect to know what the real problem is? And how long to repair? I know stuff like this sucks. My friend Walter and I towed over 1,000 miles to go to an O/L 8.5 shootout only to have the dampner hub crack on the first test and tune pass the night before the race. It messed up the end of the crank, not bad, but the crank snout is bent a tiny amount so there was no running the car without really damaging some parts. It was disappointing to say the least. But Famosa is a bad ass track. That track has some serious hook to it.
  9. Well, I have answers. How is that for efficiency lol.

    The Jesel cam gear actually broke. I'm waiting to see what Jesel has to say about it as there isn't a lot of run time on this belt drive setup. Either way, it could have been so much worse. One intake valve and two exhaust valves are smashed along with a few bent push rods. Believe it or not, the longest lead item is head gaskets. Cometic makes every single gasket to order and that takes 5-7 days. The top end is completely torn down and the heads are already disassembled. The parts have been ordered and it's just a matter of cleaning a few things up and waiting on parts to re assemble the top end. I'm hopeful to have it back for next weekend. Luckily it was one of those no big deal type issues. On the other hand, if this thing came apart during a pass and was spinning 8,500+ rpms it would be a whole different story!
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  10. I would be interested to hear what Jesel has to say as well. I have their belt drive set up on my 8.2" deck 358 cid engine. Have yet to start the engine, but I would be curious to see if this is an anomaly or something that needs further attention.
  11. I wish I could get that amount of work done in that short of time like you. I'm a little envious
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  12. I'll be sure to post up once I hear back from them. The machinist is going to call them, I would probably just yell over the phone haha. I've used their products for years and years with no issue. I'm hoping it was just bad luck on my part and I wound up with something defective.
  13. I see. When I was there it went 4.80 like a bracket car so I figured that was it. Who built the car? Sorry for hi jacking.
  14. they didnt tell us exactly who it was just that it wasnt DMC. they did the rear and stuff like that but the cage work was done by someone else.

    eric who drove the car helped us out the first day out with the turbo car. hes a good dude for sure!
  15. nick... call bennett racing engines they had the new MLX gasket in stock when we called. they are MUCH MUCH nicer than the MLS
  16. I'm glad it wasn't too bad on you nick we want to see the magic pass here you have your cult followers waiting LOL
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  17. Hopefully picking up monday and be at the track within a week we have a good lead on the launch now so next time out its time to put the first 60ft together with the rest of the 1/8th before the YB race. If we can qualify with the little streetcar it will be a mission accomplished then the 2015 should be here and it will most likely have to be put on hold to put the blower (no turbo!) on that >>
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  18. yea Nicks not ready to go that fast yet lol
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  19. Back in business...