88' Coupe, Recommended Tire Size For 18" Rims

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  1. Can anyone recommend a tire size for 18x8.5" front and 18x10" rear on an 88' coupe riding on Eibach pro kit and no quad shocks. I don't mind a little hammering and rolling the fenders.

    Any help would be appreciated. Please do not respond with "i don't like them" unless there is a solid reason not to run 18's on a fox.
  2. I run 255/35/18s on the front and 285/35/18s out back. My front tires do run the fender tops although new spring isolators helped out some.
  3. im going to jump in here too, I want some 17 inch 03-04 cobras in 4 lug. My car is lowered, but im not too sure what spring is in there, when I was swapping components they said proline and are red in color. I dont know what size tire to order. is 17 inch the standard size rim I see on all the cars running these rims? what profile do I order?

  4. @modulistic
    I have yet to see the 03' cobra 4 lug replica wheels in any other size but 17"x9"
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  5. Who makes a 285 tire?
  6. Mine are Falken FK 452, although I don't believe they make these anymore.
  7. I know the rims I want are back ordered for about 2 months but I know for sure I don't want to wrap a 10" wide rim in a tire that's only 10.8" wide (275). If anything I'll get a 295/35 tire but Nitto doesn't make anything in that but the NT05 which I don't want
  8. My 285 tire. It fits fairly square on the rim. Not narrow and not wider than the wheel.

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  9. roll them :poo:s

    If you want to use it just let me know.

    I have 18x10 with 295/35/18 BFG Drag Radials


    I think it looks good
  10. This is what I'm wanting, thoughts?

    SIZE: 18x10
    OFFSET: +25 millimeters
    BACKSPACE: 6.5 inch
    CENTERBORE: 64.2 millimeters
    PCD: 4x108
  11. @GroverDill I'll definitely take you up on using that tool. Better than a hammer. The wheels are on back order but I won't pull the trigger till I find a set of tires that are reasonable. I don't want a drag only type of tire, just a summer only performance tire like a Nitto NT555 or BFG Gforce comp tires that I just got rid of (they were 16").
  12. I stand corrected, Nitto makes the NT555 in 285/35/18
  13. @GroverDill what size front tire are you running? What about 245/40/18? It's 25.6" dia tire, is that too big you think? @25thmustang
  14. @GroverDill How much do those fender rolling tools cost?
  15. I bought it used so I paid like 100 for it.
  16. Dang, that sounds cheap for what it is. A shop around here used to rent them out, but not anymore. :nonono:
  17. @FoxMustangLvr AM is having a sale on the 03 cobra's for around $100 a piece. I think originally they're $140 something. Sale end on 7/8
  18. Thanks for the pic. Is that the Coronado bridge in the back ground?
  19. I have 255/35/18 out front however my tires run the wheel well. It has more to do with my wheel offset as Grover's tires are larger and he has less fender ago than I do.