Progress Thread 95 Sapphire Blue Supercharged 351 Build

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  1. hey guys, I wanted to start a build thread on my 95. I know some of you are interested in doing a stroker or 351 swap. I'm coming from a 331 supercharged setup, so maybe I can give some insight on the benefits/cons of a stroker, vs supercharged vs 351 supercharged. I want to start with pics of the first day and progress

    Long story short, I bought this 95 as a project. The car was built by Murillo Motorsports and they did an outstanding job. However the owner attempted to do a few mods himself, not so nice...... The wiring is shot. the good news is I have ALOT of good parts to mess with and the bad news being I have to start all over on the build. Shortly before buying it, the motor detonated and took out 3 pistons. While tearing the engine down, I found alot of cylinder scuffing and pretty bad main cap chatter. So out with the old and in with the 351.

    Why I chose a 351 over the 331 stroker
    1) stronger block, 1/2 main bolts, bigger head bolts
    2)increased cooling capacity
    3)bigger stroke

    vortech v2 on 10lbs
    stock block
    331 eagle forged internals SRP pistons
    main girdle
    gt40x heads
    f303 cam
    SVO intake
    42lb injectors
    aeromotive pump
    SCT tuned
    TKO tranny
    3.73 gears

    470rwhp 480ftlb On a heartbreaker mustang dyno

    same valve train and heads
    stock crank
    stock rods
    probe forged pistons

    notice the wiring?
    Got rice?
    So the engine came out last week and there is alot of cleaning, rewiring, and painting to be done
    scuffing and no crosshatch after 20k miles
    best part of the build! boost
    more dericing.......
  2. the new block is a marine engine, notice there is no T after the 4. Still has the crosshatching and looks hardley ran

    Sorry for the terrible pic quality. Here is the crank. The first thing i noticed was the large transition radius on all of the journals. This is the first windsor crank, I have seen with this radius, other 351 cranks do not have this radius

    I was excited to pic up this brand new 351 gt40 marine lower, 330 shipped. Very good quality and i can reuse the upper. Win win
    The interior is in perfect shape. Besides having to rewire the gauges(which were professionally wired and then "rev b" by the owner
  3. Good progress. I'm building an SN95 as well. They don't get as much love but I've grown to really like them.
    I also feel your pain on fixing wiring messes by previous owners. I just finished tackling that myself. Good work and good luck. I look forward to seeing some numbers as a 351w is what I'll move onto next
  4. Shhhhh. It's going with the bumpers...

    I hope
  5. Cool build! I am interested to learn more about the marine engine, I had no idea the short block was any different than the passenger car stuff. I grew up around boats and I always lusted after the marine GT40 engines. They came in a few different flavors, like some with the Lightning-esque tubular intake and some with the Cobra-R style cast intake, but finding real technical data on them is difficult.

    I always thought it would be kind of cool to drop one in a Mustang, plastic cover and everything.



    Anyway, keep the progress coming! If you have any more deets to share on the marine engine, please do!
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  6. 20140425_192007_zpsw0kpdfvf.jpg
    Dericed and agreed
    thanks, i think the interior is much nicer than the fox.

    short blocks are the same, only the pn reflects a marine use. Also the crank is the only other difference and that is probably the same on all 351 rollers. Thanks for the interest and i will keep posting
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  7. I like this build, as I have a "thing" for Sapphire Blue SN's and now 351's. My '95 was the car I cut my teeth on learning the courage to do projects myself. Part of me wishes I still had it, but I have a complete head over heels love affair with my '11. Now I can just watch your thread and reminisce.
  8. The new 5.0's are incredible cars, I will probably own one in the near future. Hope this build brings back good memories and minus the frustrations.
  9. Well, I spent the afternoon pulling the rest of the rice off the car and giving it a well need bath. After a good hour washing and detailing it the paint is getting better. Wow what a difference a little love will make!

    The hood and fenders will need to be repainted but the rest really shines. alittle buffing will bring it back. relieved to say the least.


  10. Sweet. Are you planning to leave the newer tail lights, or try to find a set of horizontals for it?
  11. I think i'm going to keep the horizontals. I am changing the headlights to a clear 2 piece projector.
    The currents headlights are more rice than i like.
  12. looks great!...
  13. I pulled the rest of the gauge wiring and alarm wiring. He complained the alarm would go off while he was driving and it happened to me as soon as i started the car when loading it on the trailer. the remote has a sticky button and i found the shock sensor wiring smashed in between the steering colum.

    The gauges are shift glow elite. I was going to swap it all out for AEM gauges to match my wideband but I'm going to keep these. I am impressed with the quality of the elite series. On top of that they are not cheap like the standard glo shift gauges.

    I pulled the MSD 6AL-2 with 2 step built in last night. I'm not 100% sure but the box was hooked up to read amplified point output instead of magnetic pickup I am pretty confidant that could cause timing issues.

    So the mustang is disassembled as far as I think it needs to be. Now the rebuild can start. Hopefully I will have the block back within the next couple of months. then the build, followed by break in. In the mean time I am rewiring all the gauges, alarm and relocating the battery to the trunk. With some luck this mustang will be tearing up the dragstrip by fall.

  14. image.jpg
    Dash is a lot easier to untangle out of the car. But you'll more than make up for it trying to pull the damn thing out
  15. What white faced gauges are those?

    It does not look fun to pull but i know it's more comfortable to work on out of the car.
  16. I'll get a better shot of them if you're actually interested I'd let them go for nearly nothing. They weren't bad looking, I'm just building my own cluster.

    Edit: best I've got
    My car also had an excessive amount of gauges. There's also a few more than you cant see
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  17. Truthfully disconnecting plugs is the worst part. Like pulling a motor you're always sure you've unplugged everything until it turns out you didn't.

    But I had a wiring mess as bad as yours. Viper alarm system, hacked gauges, loose wires and I was changing the brake pedal assembly, throttle cable and heater core. Very worth it. There's a really good write up if you decide to do it I'll find it for you
  18. They look good. I am going to keep the silver gauge face.

    I'm Still looking for swap headers