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  1. polished... just a thought, a set of 03-04 cobra wheels would probably look great on that car.
  2. Polished up the catback today :D

    Took a while to get here but I'm glad it's done:
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  3. nothing better than a polished irs exhaust
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  4. is that little spot on the bumper the only blemish on the car?
  5. Depends on what your definition of blemish is haha. There is only 2 small fade spots and the rear bumper is the worst out of all of it. The front bumper has a slight fade under the passenger side as well. I have considered having just the bumpers redone but there is some small nicks in the hood and a small spot on the roof where the car got bird bombed and 1 of the PO didn't clean it soon enough so its cracked there. Eventually I will get the whole car repainted but I'm just going to live with it as is for now. It hurts but it doesn't make sense to paint part of the car when the whole clear coat has issues. It's why I haven't purchased an S-281 spoiler yet :(
  6. Meh, as much as we both love it, it's a 17 y.o. car. My car has its little flaws too, I'm just more concerned about other things at the moment. Like getting the rest of my exhaust delivered :)
  7. Dang. Which method did you use for polishing the exhaust? I'm going to have to do that at some point but I think I may want to get new exhaust tips welded on first. But gaaah, 8+ hours of sanding and polishing? Definitely not something to look forward to...
  8. True about the car being so old. I guess I shouldn't feel as bad but I'm anal about my car. I have some exhaust goodies on its way to me as we speak too :)

    I wouldn't say it took 8 hours but it can depend on what you start with. I basically followed 04sleeper's thread on svtp. I used the flapper wheel first and then the various levels of sand paper. Mine was in pretty crappy shape before I started as well so I'm happy with the results. The biggest difference was getting the car up in the air and I used my porter cable with some Adam's metal polish 1&2 along with one of their metal polish pads.
  9. So you did it with the exhaust still on the car?
  10. I did a half and half.. The flapper wheel and sand paper I did off the car during the time my irs was getting built and then I polished it with the porter cable when it was on the car.
  11. Oh alright. Awesome. Dang, it sucks I'm going to HAVE to do this at some point because my exhaust is uuuugly right now. I also need to have an exhaust shop try to line it up right since right now the two sides are all lop-sided. I tried adjusting it myself using a jack on the mid-pipe but as soon as I tightened everything down and dropped the jack, the catback went back to being all cock-eyed.
  12. Guess I'll throw some updates back on here. I picked up a 03-04 center console to swap into the car. I can't stand the pathetic cup holder the car came with plus it will go well with the double din CD player about to make its way into the car as well. Since I was going to pull some pieces and modify things I decided why not do the whole stereo along with more as you will see in the pics:


    In case you didn't see or know I am laying dynamat pretty much on the whole car. There will be a few areas I won't get to but the bulk of the panels will have dynamat to kill road noise, heat and help with the new stereo system. Dynaliner will be for the headliner as well as the floor under the seats, the heat from those 2 areas have killed me on a cruise I did last year and I had enough of that already.

    I do have the front speakers and amps as wel I just need rear speakers and then the sub/amp enclosures built and this project will be done. My goal of this car is to not go 1/4 balls out so the extra weight isn't a factor for me.

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  13. Funny thing, I actually got those exact headlights a while back. Personally I am not a fan of the amber's so I had a local person who said they could do the job take the amber part out for a clear reflector. They were a hack job and I am basically screwed out of a set of new headlights. I ended up just getting some POS clear corners from ebay for now. I am looking at having some HID's retrofit into headlights from someone on a different website who had great feedback and all the pictures look fantastic.
  14. Alrighty time for another update. Stereo is all done and the interior is 99% back together. I still need to get some new pretty stuff for it but the main components are in place.

    Out with the old Mach stereo and in it's place is a Kenwood double din, focal components up front, focal 2 way speakers in the rear deck, alpine pdx 4x100 and alpine pdx 1x600. No sub at the moment but I wanted to be ready when the funds are there. Oh and plenty of dynamat throughout the entire car. Only place on the car that does not have dynamat is the firewall, some of it has dynamat and dynaliner which I can tell is going to make a huge difference. On to pics :)

    Old CD player setup:

    New setup :D

    Focal 6.5V30's in the front doors. These speakers kick ass!

    Focal speakers and 1 of the alpine amps under the rear deck. This is such a clean install and they are very hidden with the stock panels. The other amp is on the other side just like this one.

    Here is what the dynamat and dynaliner look like underneath the carpet. I went with 1/4 for the headliner as seen in the pics earlier in the thread and under the carpet I went with 1/2. I feel like it may be slightly too thick for some areas but overall it seems to be nice. I need to work a bit more with the carpet to get it back to perfect fit but I will get to that shortly. I will report back as far as road noise and heat but in the test I did when moving the car in the garage it was much quieter than before.

    As far as the sub setup I am considering a single 10" JL W7. I don't want it to be too little so I think a slight overkill is ok. It won't be a crazy setup though. Sealed box with a clean panel in front of it. Custom grill and I will be doing a custom setup on the trunk decklid too. Want it to look clean when the trunk is opened. That should be coming next month along with some new headlight/tail light combo that just might blow your minds.

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  15. You should do a write-up of the Mach 460 removal and aftermarket speaker install:D - I've never seen a write-up that gives any sort of indication what the real limits are of installing aftermarket speakers since apparently all the Mach 460 stuff is strange-sized.

    How much did you end up spending on the dynamat stuff if you don't mind me asking?
  16. Well I can answer some questions for ya on the mach removal. I went ahead and just ran all new speaker wiring from the amps vs reusing the stock wiring in the car. I ran the RCA's from the cd player and then from the 4 channel they go to either the rear speaker or front crossover respectively. Crossovers are in the front kick panels and then speaker wire run through the rubber grommet's to the speaker and tweeter in the door. I can't say anything about using any old mach 460 parts as I have 0 left in the car now :D

    As far as the dynamat I sourced it off ebay. I ended up going with thier 'superlite' vs the original silver stuff that is a little thicker but weighs more. I ended up using 2 superlite bulk packs for the car and I need a sheet or 2 more to finish what I want to. I found them for 167 each and then the dynaliner was around 100 bucks total for 2 different thicknesses that I used the thinner on the roof and the thicker on the floor. I put dynamat on the roof, the entire floor, inside and outside door panels (minus 1 inside skin on the driver's door), the entire trunk, rear speaker deck. I still need a sheet or 2 left for the part of the door and then the rear decklid too but that's going to be after I have something special to cover up the look of dynamat.
  17. Got the interior more finished today. Added the svt piece to hide the 3 button holes as I won't be using any of those. I put my foglight switch where the coin holder is on the 03-04 center consoles and I replaced the burned out light inside the unit too. I will need to figure something out for the boots to make it look that much better but for now I'll just leave it without the Ebrake boot. Waiting for some funds to get redline goods boots.

  18. Looks good buddy. Nice to see it coming along.
  19. Love the setup, looks killer! Kinda jelly:hail: