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  1. I was able to do some work on it today. I am still waiting on some of the brake line parts to get to me so I am not in a hurry to get it torn down. I was able to remove that ugly ass bolt that one of the previous owners took heat to as well as a BFH. Sawzall ftmfw!!


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  2. Today's update:


    Progress is on hold for a few days now. Waiting on the brake line parts to come in so I can fab up the hard lines. The rear suspension shows signs that the car was wrecked at one point as well, the driver's side control arms needed some heavy convincing to come out. All of the bushings in the rear were shot as well as the shocks so it was time for an upgrade for sure, just going to a much better route now :D

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  3. Fuel filter changed today. How in the hell you are able to do that with the rear end still in the car is a struggle I'm sure. Had a little hiccup with the brake lines so they are a little away in shipment than I had hoped. Looking like the next time I will be able to work on the car is the weekend after Thanksgiving.
  4. I'll be getting the driveshaft back with the correct yoke and flange on the back to get the IRS to connect to it. Today the brake lines got the best of me. Living 15 miles away from the closest parts store along with those stores not having the parts I need in stock make it tough. Hopefully I will get the lines ready to go for Sunday and knock this project out because I am ready to enjoy the car again.
  5. Glad to see you resolved that shock tower problem; nice Mystic you got there. :cheers:
  6. Thanks man. I plan on keeping the shock bolt somewhere in my house or maybe even just keep it in the center console for a reminder of what I had to to through in the transformation.

    Here is a current picture after the work tonight:

    Also I will throw this out there, what color combo should I go with for the brake calipers and brackets? I wanted to go with silver on the brackets to match the IRS but then I am drawing a blank for the caliper color. There was a pretty neat color at the powdercoater near the green in mystic with a metallic flake in it but I am afraid the solid color wouldn't be enough. Any thoughts on the caliper colors everyone?

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  7. Finally got the car back to sitting on the ground on all 4's! I gotta say that the car seems MUCH lower than I remember but it could be the 2 months it spent on jackstands. Here are a few pictures that I have:


    Now the last step is getting the brake calipers and brackets to the powdercoater and install them when they get here. Downhill stretch for sure! Maybe I will get the exhaust setup today so I can see what she will look like in al her glory shined up :D

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  8. hell yes!
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  9. Thanks man I am ready to be through with the project and to enjoy the car again. I haven't see you post anything about yours man any news on it?
  10. She's parked for winter. Work has been consuming my life, so hopefully this spring I'll be able to throw some new parts on it.
  11. Baseball huh? TPX used to be the shiznit back in the day. Still have my gen 1 Omaha gold. And you pack those damn cars in there tight! Any ideas what mods are forthcoming? Pulley swap?
  12. New catback (slp) and subframes, my TOB started chattering so I'm going to go ahead and get the lethal performance tob sleeve and all that jazz, the maximum motorsports clutch cable, quadrent and adjuster. Then probably a light bar. The car only has 40k on it, so It's going to be getting mods slowly, I have a Jeep to DD. Tint will def get thrown on this spring as well. At some point I need to get it up to Rick RNHPerformance
  13. Looking good, im sure its gonna be bad ass!.
  14. Bad ass man. I've got mine back on the ground as well and took it for its first drive around the block tonight. Lots of noises and smells I gotta figure out.


    And gotta get this IRS exhaust all fixed up at some point: Hate that its all cock-eyed

    Sorry, quick thread jack :D. Just wanted you to know that I'm experiencing the same pains!

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  15. I actually commented on your thread on a different site. Glad to see yours is coming along as well! How were those front bolts with the FTBR kit? Mine was a freaking PAIN to get in.

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  16. newheadlightbeforeamber.jpg

    Got some new headlights for the car while it's down. There will be some tweaking still done on these so its not the finished product. Got some small changes being done after the IRS is completed this weekend.

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  17. It was pretty damn terrible. It required a lot of hammering and wrenching on the new bolt they provided. I was certain it was going to come out the other side with thread damage but it came out just fine. The metal those bolts are made out of is pretty impressive. Now its just a matter of taking it some place to get the torquing done properly. I could only get them to about 140 ft-lbs with my torque wrench and on jack stands. I've got a few kinks to work out with the rear brakes hanging and the front coilovers being noisy before I can take it to get the alignment done and what not.
  18. Got the brake calipers back today from the powdercoater :banana: He did a great job on them and was relatively cheap for the work done. The front brackets are silver while the calipers are black. In the rear the whole setup is all black to not distract from the mystic paint.


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  19. did you disassemble the entire caliper before getting them coated? ie take the pistons out, etc?
  20. The guy I sent them to he actually disassembles them and then sand blasts before powdercoating them. All of the pistons are depressed and ready to go for me.