A little competition for you guys!

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  1. He's getting 261 with all that? I feel sorry for him.

    I have hardly any performance mods and I'm running 200hp with a chip.
  2. hes only got heads and cam, they put down the same amount of RWHP as us to start with, so thats pretty damn good.
  3. We've already got that beat. There's a guy named Justin that made 265rwhp and 280rwtq all motor. Still nice numbers though.

  4. Justin from Velocity Mustang?
  5. No, Justin Agee, another member from www.v6power.net. Only thing being overlooked is the fact that he's also running a 4.2L shortblock. Might not account for too much in the way of HP, but it does make a difference in the TQ output. Either way, both guys are putting down excellent numbers with what they have. :nice:

    1Kwik6...how much longer until those "Teran Racing" heads ae finished? I am interested to see them with your current setup. Are you upgrading valve sizes or staying with the stock size?
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  10. you're saying you made 20rwhp from a chip alone? and you don't mention the 'chips' brand?
  11. I had the DialboSport Revolution Chip in it. Flip chip 3 settings. I was one of the 1st V6's ever chipped with it.
  12. 8.8 Inch Rearend/70MM BBK TB/73MM MAF/Tri-ax shifter/Alum DS/Bullitt Pedals/Mach 1 Chin Spoiler/2004 Mach 1 Rims

    you dont add 30rwhp~ by putting on a TB (does nothing) and most of the others do nothing... some dynos just are not accurate, who knows but go run at the track and lets see what you can muster.
  13. I didn't add 30..If you would read my message before I added 12rwhp. And I just ran at the track.

    16.3 for my 1st time. And if you would have read my previous posts before that it I was 198rwhp with my Revolution chip. Which isn't in my car anymore. I am waiting on Diablo to update their Predator. My stock dyno was 168.8...179 with all my mods WITHOUT chip. So where do you get 30rwhp??

    This dyno is accurate. Yes The TB does do something. I gained TQ and some ponies from it. Obviously you should go test it before bashing it.
  14. Okay well i am calling BS on this one also! i HAVE 194/220 TQ and the best that I can muster with my setup on the track is 15.6 and about 84 mph. Now you are only hitting 16.3?

    And I do not see the "Being the first to chip a V6" your programming is way off and could provide you not any real good gains.

    We all have been here a while and seen and know what are car can and cannot do. I will not say that you are not making the power that you do for this is the internet and you can come in here and be a woman with a Scaremaro.

    Just a few thoughts from a tired fireman!
  15. Okay you guys are reading all of my posts out of context. My current car setup as of last night when I ran at Norwalk was this:

    70mm TB
    73mm MAF
    8.8 Rear-end

    and that was it!! No chip or tune. I never said my car was 1st to be programmed with a chip. What I said was "It was one of the 1st to be programmed with the Diablosport Revolution chip. I will scan my timeslip in a few. This is my times for last night with said above mods.

    R/t 1.142
    60' 2.3
    330' 6.7
    1/8 10.5
    mph 65.6
    1000' 13.7
    1/4 16.393
    mph 85.05

    this was my 1st time ever running. Thus the R/t being so high. My buddy who was next to me in a 2004 Mach 1 had a R/T of 1.298 and a 1/4 of 14.12.
    I don't think that's bad for a V6 with 179RWHP and 210RWTQ.
  16. i was confused and Im sorry to have read it wrong. stock your dyno is about right on where it should be, i think the dyno reads a tad high but hey its a dyno they are all off by a bit its really only to get you with in 10-15hp~ there about (on a good set up dyno) and for basline vs mod runs to see the percent gain not a EXACT measure of what you really have at the wheels, close but not perfect.

    I find it VERY hard to belive you got 12 rwhp from a mail order POS chip.. just imagine if you really did what you could get with a REAL chip and dyno tune... it would blow the mail order chip out of the water.

    your TB and MAF probably are hurting yoru hp and tq... i have yet to see a dyno that someone gained more than a hp or two, tb's have even robbed cars of power so if you can make sure you are getting gains from these mods, the maf might be helping you and the tb robbing some of it, there is NO need for a larger than stock TB on a stock car.

    is yours an auto? it would explain the 16's you run but stock times are about the same. get some practice and you should do quite a bit better at least 15.9s
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  18. I'm confused now, when is the Diablosport Revolution Chip a POS mail order chip? I am also confused because I went to Big Shot Dyno & Performance in Hudson and had them install the chip and dyno tune the car.

    My car is a 5-speed.