Another Turbo Fox Build Thread

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  1. are either of you coming to the dyno day still? its oct 9th.
  2. As far as I know, I'll be there. Just dunno about the car. Lol.
  3. I'll be there also!Same as lance not sure if i'll be done with my car either?But no matter what i'll be there!I'll be in the hatch?coupe? or the durango?peace

  4. Not much to update on yet, still haven't made a WOT pull in the car since the new head gaskets. Lol. I'm nervous about pushing another one out.

    Just bought some boring stuff, cap and rotor, and a new IAC valve to fix my hunting idle problem.

    Still trying to get the hang of the Quarterhorse, I've got some help from a couple people now, so I should be able to whip something out.
    But if I can't figure it out, our local tuner has used the software quite a bit. So I could have him tune it for me in a few hours ($$$).

  5. Thanks for the advice, just bought all my stuff through summit to rebuild the motor. Bought the FPP-2804 ford racing gasket kit which has those 1011-1 gaskets and those NGK's you recommend instead of the 3923's.
  6. any updates?
  7. Not really, I've honestly lost any interest in the thing. It's sitting in the shop with a valve cover off, because I've got a valvetrain tap now.

    If I did it again it would get a h/c/i combo, and that's all.
  8. Sorry to hear that Lance. Keep us updated on your progress. I am sure if you went up to see John on the 9th and got around some other stangs you would be right back in the spirit! :nice:
  9. Justin are you going?Afew of us are goiing up as well as brandon from lebenon oregon.Lance dont get to discouraged!Mine hasnt been touched majorly in almost 3 weeks.peace

  10. Hadn't heard much about it except through 281pony so I haven't been planning on it. Certainly no need to take the steed, I've made no changes...:shrug:
  11. ah cmon justin. you know you wanna drive up for the dyno day :D