Another Turbo Fox Build Thread

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  1. Not yet, my local tuner said has some experience with it. I've been messing with binary editor a little bit too.

    I'll just have to spend some time over at eec tuning and get the hang of it.
  2. You're a brave man. I bought a tweecer and had it for a total of a week before I gave up and sold it. Too complicated for this dummy. I think I may consider the moates in the future or a PMS.
  3. They have some templates that zero out a bunch of those spark tables. that way I can just work on tweaking the injector slopes and the maf curve.
  4. Gotta love summit being so close. I got my gaskets and plug wire stockings in today.

    Hopefully I can get it back together and start datalogging this weekend.

    Gotta love summit being so close. I got my gaskets and plug wire stockings in today.

    Hopefully I can get it back together and start datalogging this weekend.

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  5. i am so subscribed to this thread. awesome project car, good luck...wish i had mine back
  6. Yeah, i'm tired of spending money on it though. I'll tune it and drive it around some, but after that winter is going to set in and it'll prolly be parked for a while. My hobby will switch to getting a cherokee ready for the trail. ;)
  7. So your gonna turbo the cherokee to! hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! My GF wants a turbo now on her hemi thanks to me doing one!:nonono: My next project is a turbo also on my coupe,that will happen!The hemi.........NOT!looking good lance!Any word on johns dyno event?peace

  8. Mopar power. Lol. So do you still have that grey 4 banner coupe? Is that gonna be the turbo project?

    I plan to go to john's for the dyno day. With the fox or not. Lol.
  9. Yeah the 4 banger.It wont be no big thing (i hope) as for it's a D/D.peace

  10. are those the 9333 PT-1 head gaskets?
  11. Yup. Perma torques or whatever they are.
  12. I researched forever before I decided on head gaskets and that's what I ended up using. Have held up well with 10lbs of boost, no studs and 100+ passes at the track....
  13. That's good to hear. Maybe it will hold together for me this time.
  14. how loud is the blow off vavle and spool with that On3 Kit... I plan on purchasing that kit here in the next 2 months
  15. The bypass valve is loud enough. And spool depends entirely on your exhaust setup.

    Oh, and if it matters it makes good power too. Lol.
  16. :lol: nah we just care about the sound it makes!peace

  17. When we surfaced the heads, the one on the side that blew had a high spot on the center 2 cylinders. So putting boost to the engine must have been enough to do it in.

    The finish is a lot better than what ford had on there, here they are ready to go back on. I also bough a set of autolite 24's, I gapped them at .035. Does that sound about right?

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    A little angle grinder with a scotch bright wheel on it made cleaning up the block a snap.

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    I'm worried about one of my head gaskets though, because I put a little nick in the fire ring when I was setting the head on there. I'm not sure how crucial that is, but if it blows. I'm parking the car around back and leaving it until spring.
  18. well...............I spoke to soon.................

    My 9333PT-1's bit the biscuit today..........and now mine's parked for the winter....(see my thread)

    And I used 3923's for boost at .35
  19. The 9333 is a basic gasket, try the 1011-1 with the stainless firering (works fine even with an alum head).

    I assumne you were using an alum head based on the 3923 plug, try a NGK#8 (known as a 7173) they are a little colder and work much better then the 3923 (which is actually still pretty hot).
  20. Those are the gaskets and plugs (thanks to you on the plugs) i have.peace