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Discussion in 'Mustang II Parts' started by 2000jack, May 23, 2008.

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  1. Hello, I have a 29 Ford with a Mustang II front end. I need a simple inexpensive front anti sway bar. Price is a consideration as the frame does not extend further enough forward to use a standard application. I have to try to add it from behind the a frames. If it doesn't work then it gets thrown into a giant pile of mishaps. Any ideas where to purchase or how to proceed? Actually any ideas would be helpful.
  2. Here's a few sources for aftermarket parts for the II suspensions for street rods.

    I looked through TCI's site and they only show one back as far as '35.

    Chassis Engineering lists on but it is for a dropped I-beam and hooks to the batwings on the 4-bar setup.

    Here's some universal sway bars you may want to call and find out about.

    These aftermarket sway bars appear to have arms that are shorter then the factory Mustang II units, but I don't know if they are short enough for your Model A. Might wanna give either company a call and see if you can get the dimensions from them and see if it might work. I'm thinking just about any front sway bar is gonna be out of the question on an 'A' just because there isn't a whole lotta room ahead of the crossmember and even if there is it will hang out in front of the Radiator shell and look gawdy. I don't know of any rear mount front sway bars and I'm thinking it's because of the engine's oil pan or the engine itself would create clearance issues. Trying to recollect if I have actually seen a front sway bar on a Model A with II suspension.

    Now if you were to fab up a frame horn apron, like the 1932s, '33s, '34s have, you might be able to hide the sway bar under it. But it's might look out of place on a Model A.

    Hope some of this helps you out. Good luck. :flag:
  3. Wow, a lot work on your part here!! This was what I needed. Thanks!!!
  4. Your welcome. :nice: Didn't take long to gather it all up. Probably longer to type the crap out than it did for me to dig it out for ya.
    I work on street rods and other muscle cars too. Pretty much anything '79 or older. :D I specialize in Fords but will work on a Chebby to pay for MY Fords.:p Just recently a buddy and I shortened up the chassis on a guy's '34 Ford pickup. Before that my buddy and i channeled and bagged his '64 Chev pickup. And before that, last fall, i did the complete interior and also 454 engine swap in a '72 Chevelle for a guy at work. (and I wonder why my stuff never gets done.....:scratch: ) And once I get my #$*& together, and my truck out of the shop, I've got a '65 Chevelle comming in and after that his '63 "little red wagon" Dodge pickup. And between all that a friend of mine wants the 360 I'm building for him installed in his '74 Duster.
    Sooooo when do I get to start on MY stuff????:owned: It's all fun...:nice:
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