Expired APS twin turbo kit

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  1. complete kit i just pulled off 2010 mustang gt, direct bolt up kit mounts turbos down low for better temp control, All of the lines as well as the oiling system was upgraded which was about $1,200 more over the price of the kit so those of you that know about the weak oil pumps with these kits it has been replaced by a top of the line turbowerxs high flow gear pump. the turbos are liquid cooled single entry .84 A/R turbine with external tial wastegates and .64 A/R compressor housing looking to get $3000 OBO im open to offers, no trades but will entertain all cash offers turbos have absolutely no shaft play and whole kit only has about 2000 miles.



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  2. Taking best offer this is an awesome kit by an awesome company
  3. Can't seem to find any info on this kit. APS doesn't list it on their website. Do you have any links or reviews to reference?
  4. Its kind of a Frankenstein kit the turbos waste gate and are from an APS kit for a g8 and all the piping I got from a buddy of mine that had another TT kit but blew a seal on one of the turbos and just went a whole different rout with the car
  5. Do they mount directly to the factory exhaust manifold? Any cold side piping included? intercooler?
  6. Yes comes with inter cooler (pictured in original post) I will need new manifolds I sold the ones I had mounted on them and comes with all piping needed
  7. Price is negotiable with it needing new manifolds being that price listed before was with the manifolds
  8. Does APS make the manifolds? What kind did you have mounted originally?
  9. I had a set custom made but u can use any turbo manifolds for whatever year u have
  10. I sold the custom ones I had to a buddy of mine if your interested in the kit I can see if he will come off of them
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