Back from the track... And now in the 12 sec club!

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  1. Not may, can.

    Listen, I believe you trapped 107. I don't believe you did it with the few bolt ons. Not a Stock GT. I believe that you do not know what has been done to your engine in the heads. Racing on the street does not compare to racing at the track. You cannot compare times and results, it is very different.If you can sometime, get a dyno and post numbers. You will put a lot of this stuff to rest.
    Finally , racing to 130mph is STUPID, unless you can do it from a stop, at the track, in the quarter.
  2. It could even have major engine work could it not?
  3. GOD DAMN STFU with this thread.... a ***ing month long ---
    xcessive noone gives a fk what times you run.. your from canade so plse stfu your becomming very annoying
  4. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    That was a good one... I'm from Canada SO stfu.

    Anyway, as some people said let's stop arguing and I'll bring a dyno sheet soon.
  5. your trolling this forum just dying to see someone reply to this thread so you can continue to make your point... This is evident because of your REPLY 3 minutes after my post....

    And this thread has continued for over a month ... jesus dude get a fkn life and turn off that alarm in your head to babysit this THREAD....

    everyone believes you now... ok

    any other useful information to add to this post?
  6. Yes... Don't you know the email notification functionality?

    Damn newbies...
  7. your a tool ....
  8. yea 9 pages of posts but no one really has any interest or anything...if you dont believe him or dont like the post for whatever reason heres a suggestion that might blow your mind...quit opening the topic and posting! amazing concept huh?
  9. I will say, for umm.. the 5th time in this thread.

    I know this guy in real life, the mods he listed here are real, I know the track where he ran and everything. He is not full of ****. Think what you want he could eat some of you crappers anyday.
  10. enough already... with those mods you cant EAT anyone... you wouldnt run a mid 13 anywhere in the U.S. ... so enough with your Canadian bull**** times...
  11. i dont know about that, i know plenty of guys that have gone low 13's/ hignb 12's with those mods. Just with 1.70 60's and weight out and not at 107
  12. This is such an old racer's trick. You sandbag your mods, then you go out and race. You beat cars that would normally stomp a car with your "claimed mods". Why in the hell would anyone do this? So everyone will say what a "good driver" you are. That's what it's all about. His times vs. mods are B_U_L_L_S_H_I_T. He just wants everyone to think he is a great driver. Case and point: Look how many of the boneheads on this forum were saying what a great driver he was in this pathetic thread. He is BS artist and nothing more.
  13. for real....I mean I am the great driver here pfft!!!
  14. Here's a brand spanking new video for your entertainment, guys!

    84 Fahrenheit, to-be-improved 60 ft (1.74) and still a 12.96 @ 108.6 mph. :jester:

    If my trap speed is so wrong and dragways from Canada are so inaccurate, then why is this Corvette C6 trapping 108.X mph without any miss shifts? :shrug:

    My friend was trapping 96.X mph with his 210 whp Mazda ProtegeSpeed.
  15. The camera guy sucks ass... and how are you trapping the same mph as a 6.0L 400hp 'vette that is LIGHTER than you? :shrug:

    Not calling bs, but how the **** are you doing it with such 'few' mods.. u sure ur not spraying?
  16. Thats the point, he has more mods than he's saying
  17. With some speedshifts, the 'Vette is more a 114-115 mph car. I just wanted to show that the track isn't as optimistic as people pretend.:nonono:
  18. I am moving this thread to talk to stop people from post whoring this

    108 trap speeds on a gt wih those mods.. I want to see the DA number for runs.. get weather info, you must have a baro well over 30.50 the only way I can see that with those mods is with a -200+ DA number.. you would need some insane high presure low humidity and for it to be nice and cool and a slight downhill track..

    ( don't laugh some smaller tracks are not level)

    was this run at naperville that track runs very fast for some reason.
  19. OMG you brought back a 8 month old thread to prove a very shakey point?

    :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  20. Did you enjoy the vid? If yes, that was the main goal in my post and you're a true Stang enthousiast. :SNSign: A stockish Stang pulling on a 70K$ CAD Corvette C6 is funny IMHO.

    If you didn't enjoy the vid, what's up with you guys? I posted multiple timeslips, dynosheets and videos. Let's turn the page and let's suppose I ran this time at 1200m under sea level with a 400 km/h back wind. Just enjoy and relax.