Beard of Fu-Man-Chu?

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Should Chepsk8 Keep the Beard or Shave down to a Fu-Man-Chu?

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  1. Leave it! You earned those greys, grow a spine!!!

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  2. Shave it! Damn, you look just Suave with that 'Chu!!!

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  3. Why are you asking me this? Just buy lot's of "For Men Only" and hide everything, and fake being you

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  4. What a ridiculous poll! Shave yourself clean! Why did I look at this thread anyway? I must have bett

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  1. Works for me......besides, after his crack about "The older the knife, the duller the blade" I really want to Cuisinart him!:nice:
  2. Hey! What a concept... A thread related update! Shaved down to a goatee this morning...... Looks good! Will I go completely to Fu?

    No Kitten, I'll find a pic and scan it in!

  3. :nono: NO, NO, NO, NO!!! :nono: You know the rules; no hijacking the thread back to it's original topic until at least FIVE topic hijacks have taken place on that thread. We're only up to 3!

    What'd I tell you? :nice:

    Still Dreamin'
  4. While you have the razor out I can think of something else I'd like to shave.......! :D
  5. Hey hey hey, Just because I'm going to Florida tomorrow, doesn't men I'm in need of a Bikini-wax......

  6. and you wonder where we all get those ideas about your ..........."Orientation"
  7. That's NOT who or what I meant...........:nono:

    :nonono: I should know better, making comments like these in front of people whose minds and everthing else is in the Gutter!:nonono:
  8. Great! First we gota worry about StangDreamin and his 6 MAN jacuzzi and now we gota worry about 65Stanger and his "shavin" fetish. Glad I have the Sheeples to look out for us Monkeys
  9. Not to mention the black helicopters!

  10. Don't forget; I explained to you that I was referring to it being for MAN as in for the species homo sapiens. No lower primates allowed, which I thought would be to your benefit . Now, if you'd like, I can let the monkeys in the Jacuzzi with you and we'll leave you three alone for a while...... maybe a little soft lighting and mood music if it would help you! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Still Dreamin'
  11. We would need candles
    :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  12. And the final shave is....

    I left the goatee for now, but will 'Chu when I return from Florida!

    Hold down the fort while I'm gone!!!

  13. Is that like "Candle-light and Bud Light" (and a flatulent horse)? :D :D :D
  14. and a nice bottle of Ripple too? :D
  15. Finally down to the 'Chu!

    Damn, cold face again in this cold weather!!!!
  16. [Nelson Voice]Ha ha![/Nelson Voice] :lol: