Best sounding and flowing exhaust system for 5.0 ? 2.5" 3" ??

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by superdutyt5, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. I am a huge fan of the RACE BULLETS. They rock. But this is america and everyone is entitled to there own opinion.
  2. I personally am sick of hearing flowmasters on mustangs. I have dynomax and I am happy, though I wanted a less noisy muffler and after about a month they "broke in" and they are pretty loud at WOT. I wouldn't go any bigger than 1 5/8" for the header primaries and I have to agree for a mild combination 2.5" will suit you fine.

  3. Man I would love to put those on my car but they sound almost illigal man. That thing was only idleing LOL Are you sure I wouldnt get pulled over. But wow thanks allot mike I think i'm goin that route now lol. Do you have any idea on that size of the muffers he was runnin on that stang? In summit hell there only $31.95 w/ 2 1/2 inlet/outlet and 4" round! Would those work pretty good with some 2 /1/2 inch exhaust ? I'm guessin its just 4 inches round not 4 inch opening.
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  5. They were 3 inch....i have 2.5 and dumps... they are a little quieter.
    His car was supercharged its a little louder...NA isnt quite as loud.

    Still loud though.
  6. If you have 2.5 inch just get the 2.5 bullets.

    the 4 inchers are for 4 inch exhaust and so on. I think that guy in the vid had a step from 2.5 to 3. I am not sure though......he also had a bcam.
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    Arent you Canadian? LOL! JUst messin' :D Too bad I cant find sound clips of all sorts on these mufflers. Not just idle or WOT. I want it all without being annoyed by unwelcome drone. Maybe just a little louder than stock.
  8. how would those sound on an exhaust with an off road h-pipe. primaraly stock car except a few little things.

  9. Ya I am a CANUCK :cheers: But I work all over the USA. Canada is more of a free country :D ......the sticky green stuff will be legal SOON. :nice:

    Race bullets are not for the faint of heart. They are loud. If you are running them WITH CATS they are Ok. But if you run them with o/r exhaust like me...they are loud. But they sound awsome at WOT with an x,h,or prochamber. My exhaust sounds un****inreal.
  10. i did have a open exhaust thread started asking opinions on this subject. i was thinking about delta force race mufflers but alot of people said it would sound bad because my car wasnt pushing enough hp
  11. Shouldnt this be in sound and shine? :shrug: Anyhow, its hard to tell by a sound clip how yours will sound with a particular exhaust. Those cars sounded quite awesome, but if you were there you could feel the pavement about to crack underfoot. A near stock car will not sound like that high compression and forced induction stuff. Having a stereo becomes useless with a motor like that.
  12. so will it sound good on my car or not. all the stangs in and around my town have flowmaster or some other mufflered system. i want a head turner and a jaw dropper
  13. Are they hooker mufflers.I had aerochambers and the max flows last year. Liked them.Like the bullets better.
  14. Ya but those Bullits are just way too loud yo. I dont feel like getting pulled over everytime I take a cruise in it.

    And ya the tops were hooker max flow mufflers and the bottom were 3 chamber flowmasters
  15. Cool...your town must have Super Troopers does it? The cops in my city dont say a thing.
  16. Its not quite that loud. His car is BLOWN. My car is NA. Its still nasty at an idle but its not quite as loud.

    The ultra flows can be heard at They are not as loud.
  17. May favorite sound ever was when I was driving around with the 1 3/4" primary 3" collector hooker super comp long tubes:D no exhaust just lopey cam and RANK LOUD. When I took it to work to put the exhaust on it they heard me coming from the free way 3 miles away :D most bad ass sound EVER could give John Force a run for his money :p (ok maybe not that good) but now I have 2.5" mandrel bent pipes and flow pro 2 chamber mufflers and it sounds like a sick cross breed between dynomax super turbos and flowmaster 2 chambers.... and it hit 141 DB free revving only (no load) :D was the second loudest thing at the car stereo competition save for the guy that hit 150 db :( but ill take second :D. Only problem is that around here they say 80 is the legal limit....... this may be a problem.

    for clarification that was 141 db at the tail pipe exit (outlaw style :nice: )