Best sounding and flowing exhaust system for 5.0 ? 2.5" 3" ??

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by superdutyt5, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. Hmmm I'm startin to like the super turbos but I wonder what it would sound like with my Off road H pipe and hooker headers. This has been so hard I swer.
  2. Want the truth I love the Hooker Aero chambers or if you want a really unique sound get Bassani, they is just weird soundin. I say hooker because they are esentially a straight through muffler with a twist. Sound beautiful and work awesome and they arent too loud either. Great product from a great company IMO. Reason I used flow pro is becaus I had them already.
  3. Hookers arnt exaclty QUIET
  4. just get the Mac catback and be fricken done with it..LOL...and you seem really conserned about it being legal? you have a off road its not legal no matter what mufflers you have...and i have a video clip of a guys car with race bullets pulling out of his drive way and geting on it..its not even close to as loud as the vids mike posted..those cars sounded like they had quite a bit done to them...

    Mike..that vid of the greenish blue car you posted..was what with tails or dumped?
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  6. DEMONGT----they were dumped I guess.
    I am the guy who bought your TFS intake from corral. It arrived. Thanks.
  7. mike - thats good..i hope it performs the way you want....i notice a increase on my motor with it..but still had stock heads and cam so it wasnt much

    id like to get the mac 3 inch full cat back..but i think the tails would rub my tires? need something...cause with my 3 inch exhaust and dumps its to loud for street driving
  8. Get the complete system and install the exhaust MINUS the tails. Take it to a good muffler shop and have then TWEEK the tails a little. My cousin had to do it to his coupe. They just put a little bend near the tire and he was good to go.
  9. hmm i want more clips of those race bullets
  10. They are CHEAP too.
  11. demon can u post that vid u were talking about? or email it to me if u cant get a host...thanks

    [email protected]
  12. BILLETUNDERWEAR---not to dog your exhaust but I really dont like the magnaflow mufflers. They are to calm. They are to quiet.
  13. No problem Mike. Everybody has their likes and dislikes. I think your car sounds awesome by the way. :nice: The only mufflers I really dislike are Flows, everything else pretty much sounds good to me. I think with my next stang I'm going to give Dynomax race bullets a shot since I have a set laying around. My gut tells me I'm going to buy another set of Magnaflows or maybe even Magnapacks with side exits.

  14. True. I really don't like the flowmasters.

    Does your car have the CATS on it. It sounds quiet. I just heard another car with Magna's and it was quite a bit louder and didnt sound too bad.

    THE VIDEO I POSTED IS NOT MY CAR. It is another guys that posts on this site.

  15. That car must not have off-road exhaust. Mine sounds much louder and better at an idle. It sounds alot better than that. I know its hard to tell through a video but when he stomped on the car it didnt seem as loud or as crisp as mine.

    DO you know if that was legal exhaust?
  16. nope..i dont..all i know is it had the pretty sure thats offroad full mac exhaust i had on my old motor was about that loud...i know its to loud for having legal exhaust
  17. Oh ok, sorry for the mix-up. I didn't read the whole thread very carefully. Anyway, that clip of my car was when it was totally stock except for the catback. The catback was the first modification I did. I do have a couple of crappy clips of it with the longtubes and x pipe, here they are :