Big Brakes Are Here

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  1. Baer offers a 12" and 13" brake upgrades with PBR cailipers for a II with 4 or 5 bolt patterns. They also offer rear disc brake kits 4 or 5 bolt also. I am going to go with a 5 bolt kit when I do it. 4 x 4 1/4" is a dead bolt pattern, especially with the required 16" and 17" wheels for the big brake kits. The speed shop I work at is a Baer distributor, but it begs the question does a 2800lbs car need 13" front brakes??? I like the sound of the Heidts kit, because I want some major woe, without having to go with 16" or 17" wheels. Has anyone conducted any 60mph to 0mph with the various brake upgrades? I am curious how much better the upgrades are compared to the dismal stock 190' to 170' stopping distances from 60mph. Given on a modern set of wider tires those distances would lesson, but the II's braking does not compare with modern muscle cars.
  2. Just doing a little more research and found that Chassis Engineering Inc offers an adapter the uses 80-83 Fox Mustang calipers instead of the GM parts. Does anyone have an opinion on the difference between the two calipers.
  3. I asked Baer if the Serious Street kit would fit behind a 15" wheel, and the guy I talked to said yes. I think it's an 11" rotor, though.
  4. Do the pads for the GM calipers still need to be shaved thinner to work with the Granada rotor? If so is that something any machine shop can do?
  5. The kit I used worked fine without modifying the GM pads for use with the Granada rotors.

    The second kit I got from Fatman uses the big Camaro calipers and requires shims tack welded onto both pads, so nothing you'd want on a daily driver that goes through pads.
  6. I seem to remember someone saying that the early Fox calipers had the same piston size as the MII calipers, so your only improvement is in the larger swept area of the Granada disc (11" vs. 9"). With this setup, you get less force per square inch of pad, but get more pad. If its an improvement, its not much.

    With the later Mustang calipers going to a 2-bolt mount like the GM and Wilwood calipers, I wonder if they could be used with a GM/MII caliper mount.

  7. I had to mock up the brake kit on the car to get all the dimentions for my custom wheels, so I figured I'd snap a few pics....


  8. What happened to having the rotors machined to keep the 4-lug pattern?
  9. Not going to happen. We set it up on the CNC program, and no matter where you rotated the 4 lug pattern, it interfered with one of the 5 lug holes. My buddy said he would not maching through weld if I tried to weld a hole. Another issue that came up, was on the rear of the rotor. The section where the rear bearing sits, is much wider then the stock II rotor, and since the 4 lug pattern is smaller, we'd have to machine into the meat of the bearing area.
  10. Nice job on those headers. Who did those for ya? Looks like a brand badge welded on the side. Very nice!
  11. build a jig and sell em
  12. Bet you they are the ones on the Thundersnake