Broke down and sold the Stang. New ride(Not stang)

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  1. Well the reason I haven't been on lately is b/c I always said I would never sell my car, but I put it on the market and it had an offer in one day for $9,500. I couldn't resist, so some guy drove away with it last week. Today I bought the car of my dreams (with my dads help). It is a 2001 Lotus Elise ( burnt orange). It really is nice to have a car that can handle! Check it out! These pics were taken with my phone so they aren't great but oh well. The pics don't do it justice, it is darker in real life.


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  2. :eek: ...well i really dunno what to say, if you like driving something that looks like a bug, well thats your choice :( :( I hate to see everyone sellin their foxes now but its your car and if you like it then im happy for you :nice:
  3. I'm still a member of the anti dub club tho.
  4. So what was your reason to even list it? Sad to see it go. How many miles were on it when it was sold?
  5. Wanted something newer, 135xxx miles
  6. thats good :D ..well at least tell us more about it! Get some better pics and what do these things have from the factory! I know theyre built for handeling but what do they run in the 1/4? What about 0-60, you dont see many of em and I know nothing about fact what kinda engine is in these things neway lol
  7. Supposedly 200 HP at about 2000 pounds 13.7 @98 1/4
  8. 2000lbs :jaw: ...can you say 5.0 swap!! lol jk :rlaugh:
  9. Yeah for real. It would be a beast. too bad its not grey:(
  10. spray paint it and make it a sleeper...yeah, like that will work lol so do they make turbo kits for those things...that thing with 300rwhp= one hell of a ride! :D
  11. be honest I expected more out of that little thing...I expected it to excellerate a lot faster, and have more power than it does..I think even if they bumped it up to 250 they would have a very noticible improvement with that weight...
  12. I have no money to put into a turbo kit my dad had to help me alot on this one.
  13. well congrats you got some good money for your vert you should be happy all around, what is the warranty like on that lotus? and how much is insurance?
  14. yeah I know..I meant more along the lines of are there turbo'd ones out there, and would it be a possibility in the future :rolleyes:

    So do these thigns have ac, radio? Power anything?...
  15. I have the sport package meaning no power windows, no a/c, bucket seats with harnesses etc., my dad pays for insurance so I don't even care to ask.
  16. It does have a cd player
  17. have fun in the summer..:rolleyes:
  18. The engine is sourced from the Toyota Celica GTS. British rice. One of the ugliest cars on the road in my opinion. Enjoy.