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Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by boby, Dec 5, 2003.

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  1. Wow, this thread has gone way off-track and rude! Let's chill out.
  2. That looks like a WMS kit.

    I'm wanna beat this horse too. :D When I installed the maganflow catted X and the magnapack catback I noticed a fairly substantial lack in low end torque below 3000rpm. I installed a WMS kit a couple of months ago and it now feels like the torque is much more balanced throughout the rpm range, and my SOTP doesn't feel like I'm going any slower...... sooooooooooo.... :nice:

    Yup, I'm pretty sure its dead, but who wants to hit the horse next anyway? :banana:
  3. mpcv2000- 1788 posts of probably pure BS(and he's probably some kid)
    01bullittstang -45 posts of pure knowledge and actually owns a car. And i'm an adult. Thanks and goodbye.
  4. If you see a gain , you probably could have used a piece of PVC and a straight K&N and seen the same results.
    For my info...... do you race at a track or have you ever?? :shrug:
  5. Can someone just lock this thing. It's gotten pretty pointless...

  6. your opinion maybe :rolleyes: If you don't like the thread, don't click on it and come in !! That's not too difficult for you is it ? :nonono:
  7. your contradicting yourself by acting like a child and posting pure bs.
  8. I am a recovering addict and I find it harder to walk away from these threads than the drugs were....its like driving by a car know better not to slow down and stare...these CAI threads same way..I know better not to post b/c its useless..but a part of me actually thinks that this could be THE one magical thread on CAI's that will clear the hard headed stupidity factor from this site. And just like with drugs, minutes later after posting I still feel stupid for evengetting involved
  9. :scratch:
  10. Ahem... what about C & L Plenum? :shrug:
  11. :stupid:
  12. the kn, steeda, volant... are not cai, that is why they work better then the mac and bbk dc!
  13. If that's really true (which I HIGHLY doubt) you're the most sorry excuse for an adult that I ever saw. Grow up and get off your daddy's keyboard and go play with something more your own speed ... like Legos or coloring books.

    Just because you push Matchbox cars around with the DC on them doesn't mean they'll do anything on a real car jr. :nonono:
  14. tihs bullit idiot makes a weaker argument than my psyco ex girlfriend. :rolleyes:

    i have no dyno proof but i removed my cold air and put my stock airbox back on (no silencer) and i felt a slightly stronger pull in the midrange. there's no doubt that the bend in the cai tube will cause a wierd reading on the sampling tube. and it also makes sense, that the faster the air goes around that bend, the air can change direction slightly as it goes faster. even though the air is being pulled in, not pushed, the air still has instantaneous momentum that can shift and change the airflow direction coming off that bend.

    bottom line, mine is now a paperweight. :nonono:. thats most likely why the K&N fipk2 is a best bet because the filter sits directly in front of the sensor and no bends are evident. thats also why putting the maf in the fender with the filter can add benifits over a standard cai. just my $.02.
  15. You got it...

    That's what happen to( I will specify) my car .
    The tubing(elbow) is messing the air/flow path thru the MAF, creating a really uneven A/F curve resulting of a lost of Torque & HP, but without a Dyno it's impossible for me to fell a 1 to 2 HP increase or lost.Yes we can hear a nice sound when we step on the gas but that dosen't mean we gained something..

    This thread is getting out of control... :D

  16. I learned a lot by reading these CAI threads besides their obvious entertainment value. Sticking with the theory of less bends is better, I got just the DC TB tube only ($60.00 shipped) which does lessen the turns the air takes to get from the airbox to the TB. I did Keep the stock airbox and removed the silencer. Works for me and look a hell of a lot better looking than that wafflely POS stock piece. And yeah, I'm not kidding myself, it's pretty much a nicer looking piece of curved PVC tube with connecting rubber pieces to mate up with the car. But it is also better job than I could have done with a home depot special and took all of a few minutes to install. As far as documented performance, no pre/post dyno numbers or track time.
  17. where did you get that tube? i was trying to find something similar but keep a stock style induction box

  18. Here's what mine looks now..

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