Can I make a 5.0 handle?

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  1. I don't own a Mustang anymore. I am thinking that at some time in the future I can get a 5.0LX Notchback since they are lighter than other models. Also does anyone know where I can find exact weights of each model? How much is it going to cost me to really make one handle? I am looking at a tubular K member and coilovers as well as disc brakes at all 4 corners. Any advice with buying the car or modifying would be a huge help. Thanks in advance!
  2. Simple answer: Yes

    How you go about that varies from car to car and series to series (i.e. American Iron, American Iron X, etc.). Check out Griggs and Maximum Motorsports, they sell top to bottom kits to make these cars handle like they are on rails.
  3. I am actually looking for something to drive on the street. I might go racing in the future but right now I want a high performance street set up that I can take to track days on the weekends. Is is possible to make 400hp from a NA setup without stroking?
  4. depends on what brand you want to go with. personally to make a machine really handle I would go with all Maximum Motorsports parts. adjustable upper and lower control arms, tubular A-arms, tubular k, strut tower brace, panhard bar, coilovers on all four corners, and if you are going with discs all the way around sn95 parts would be a good way to go with PBR or cobra calipers up front. depending on your wheel selection and if you did all the work yourself you're prolly looking at at least 3-4k just in suspension and wheels...
  5. I was kinda looking at about a 10K investment, purchase price of the car and all. Can this be done? Also remember that this is going to be a weekend driver and not daily. I have a Sentra for daily duty. I want to build something fun to drive most of all and I also plan on doing some autocross.
  6. if it was me building the car, i coulnt do it for 10k, i have a problem, that when i start a project, i tend to go a little overboard.

    how much are u paying for the car?
  7. I'm not sure yet. I am in the thought process right now. I might buy one in the next year to year and a half. I like to do a lot of research before I start a project. I was looking at a couple of websites for products. I like the Maximum Motorsports stuff but I am going to have to buy stuff a little bit at a time. I plan on starting with the suspension and working my way out to the brakes then to interior (racing seats and roll bar) then to the drivetrain. I would like to end up making between 375-400hp if possible. I want to stay NA and I want to make the car as light as possible. BTW...What model should I look at getting. Is one engine better than another or is one a better starting point? Usually the newer the better.
  8. with a 10k budget and its an all weekend car and not a show car it shouldnt be too far of a stretch
  9. It for sure will not be a show car. I want it to look nice but it doesn't have to be perfect.
  10. yeah it shouldnt be hard to find a decent 4-5k LX and throw all the goodies at it. or hell, buy a roller for under a grand and then build up the suspension and drive train. might be the easiest way if you arent in a hurry.
  11. I have thought about both approaches. I am in no hurry so I am going to look thoroughly at both options. I have a lot of reading to do. much does a notchback LX weigh?

  12. Depends on who u ask.

    myne is 2980 with no ac, ps, UPR front suspension, most of the sound deadender removed, 8pt rollbar, skinnies, power locks/windows, fiberglass hood. thats a coupe BTW

    ive heard of coupes at 2800 lbs, seems like the older cars weigh less(pre 1986)
  13. World class handling with a N/A 400hp 5.0L engine accomplished without the use of a stroked rotating assembly for 10K....price of the car included???

    Sign me up for that one if you can find it! :D
  14. I'm just looking at options. I want a light free revving rotating assembly.
  15. You are not gonna get 400 N/A on a 302. You can get just over 350 (or a bir more) at the wheels if you do a 331-347. A clean roller notch will be at least $2000 and then another 3K+ for a used 331-347. MM package is around 5 grand and you still need brakes, wheels, tires and interior. 10K just is not quite enough for your goals. :shrug:
  16. Well, as I am just looking right now I might be in a better money position when I get ready to go to work on finding a car and parts. I have never built one of these cars and I just want to know what potential there is for this price range.
  17. drop an LS1 in it :hide:

    seriously though, clean notch roller, AJE K member, cheap LS1 (+cam) and trans, some MM suspension parts, brakes and there you go :D
  18. If it is light and fits in the budget...I like it.
  19. oohhh I somehow missed the 400 N/a part... I was thinking just suspension with a bolt on 5.0