Can I make a 5.0 handle?

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  1. And that drastically improves handling how? Even if you did decide to bastardize the car with a Chevy engine, you'd still come up waaay North of $10K
  2. Well, first of all i was 75% joking. Secondly, his motor choice for the project, at this point, is the variable. The thread became much less about handling (we all decided on MM max grip stuff, as did the OP) and more about meeting his 400 hp n/a goal. On his budget, on this planet, a 400 hp n/a 302 doesn't exist. If he can score a cheap roller, or even one that needs fenders or a front clip or is missing an interior (since he's going to strip it anyway) he can probably pull it off with a different powerplant. An Ls1, for his power goal would be perfect. I thought someone like you, who preaches the wonders of newer engine tech would back it up wholeheartedly. :shrug:

    Let the record show that I HATE bastardized foxes, but just trying to be practical and help someone make their project budget.
  3. Okay, let's just say this. HP is not my main goal. Infact the engine is the last thing I am going to work on. I was just wanting to know if 400hp is possible with NA. I would settle for 300-350 since the car is so light. My current car (a sentra spec V) with 175hp does 0-60 in 6.9 seconds and feels fast and it still weighs 3700lbs. Add 125hp and rear wheel drive and take away 700lbs and you get a car that is a lot faster. All that to say...I really just want a good running, good handling reasonably quick car.
  4. Well, that changes the whole picture. Build a stout h/c/i 302 and call it a day.
  5. no, its not ford DOHC tech so it didnt enter his mind. an LS1 would be perfect for that set up. its weight is about the same as a 302 and with a simple cam/head and carb conversion it will lay down well over 400 N/A, but it would blow the budget out of the water. the swap alone would cost about 4-5k even if he bought used parts.
  6. That is a little bit more to my liking and I might just stay under budget. If I want something more powerful later on I would build it. I kinda wanted to stay with a 302 to keep from changing to a carb or changing electronics.
  7. you can pick up truck 6.0L for like 1k wiht a harness, the swap could actually be done cheaper than building a 302, and it will make better power, that combined with good suspension would make a killer open track car... think about it, the motor would be much tamer than a built SBF, make the same power, and you wouldnt have to worry about keeping it cool, cause it would be barely breathing
  8. the 6.0 truck is an iron block. for handling purposes I was thinking the aluminum blocked f-body/corvette cars.
  9. There are guys all over LS1 forums and other Chebby forums doing 5.3L swaps and making really good power for the price of a jukyard run. :shrug: Basically, there are a million different ways to go about what he wants to do. To the OP, here's the general rule for assigning a project's budget: do a lot of research, lay all your parts out on paper, price it all out, assign a budget, AND THEN DOUBLE IT. :nice:
  10. Yeah a 6L truck motor would weigh as much as the rest of the car. I was looking for a 50/50 weight dist not 70/30. I noticed that on some of the tubular k Members you could shift the engine back 1in. Has anyone ever done this and if so how much does it help the weight dist?
  11. An SE-R V-Spec only weighs 3080 wet. :nice:

    Another option would be a Teksid 4.6 DOHC. You can find a 93-98 Mark in a yard for under 1000 bucks and with a good exhaust and mabey some cams and the engine will make over 350 hp if you are not spinning smog and A/C components. The upside is it will rev to the moon making it easier to drive on a road course cause cause you dont have to shift as much. Then down the road you can do a rebuild on the engine and bump it to a 5.0 and up the compression. They are making 450-480 HP like that and you can fit in the classes that have the 5.0 size limitations. In that class you would have over 100 horses over the competition. :shrug:
  12. Yep, you are right. I misread my info on my doorsil. As far as the 4.6 how much weight would it save and I have to have A/C...I live in florida...It is 97 degrees today.
  13. Fixed.

    im sure shifting the motor back an inch helps the weight dist alot, but i think that you could get the car handling where you want it without going through all that trouble.

    are you planning on putting a cage in the car?
  14. Not a full cage. Maybe just a roll bar. My wife would fuss if she had to climb over a cage to get in. As far as moving the engine...I would fix the suspension and then maybe one day when I pulled the motor for building I would move it back.
  15. BTW...I checked kbb and they list the stats as 2950 but my sill tag from Nissan lists it at 3750lbs. What gives?
  16. 2950 is what a no option SE-R (non-v) weighs. 3750 is your cars maximum weight with 4 passengers and as much cargo as it can hold.
  17. Cool...Thanks!
  18. I'd never back a Chevy engine in a Ford....ever!!! I don't care how much power it was putting out or how well balanced the car could be. If it could have been accomplished with a 302 like he originally wanted, I would have gone for it...but it can' least not cost effectively including his handling goals and need to purchase a clean, strait notch on top of it all. And since it can’t be accomplished within the price range with the LS1 either, that point would have been moot as well. Now he’s willing to sacrifice his horsepower figures and increase his budget a little, so it may be accomplishable.....but at the time I originally responded to this thread, he hadn’t!

    Riiiight....because I know nothing of engines with pushrods? :rolleyes:

    I discounted the LS1 for the exact reason I stated. Not only is it sacrilegious but its not going to be any cheaper going through the trouble of buying the engine, taking the necessary steps to perform the conversion, then swapping in the LS1 into the Mustang itself, than it would had he stick with an original Ford engine.

    My response was in regards to the original buy the car, make it handle like a champ and pump out 400hp for $10K. I don't care what you want to stuff between the shock towers, you're not going to do it right and make the kind of power figures he’s looking for on that small of a budget. Now, as stated above, since he’s willing to compromise on his power output and loosen his purse strings a little he may get closer to said goal, but at the point in which I replied, he had not!
  19. An HCI 302 with gears and suspension mods would be a ton of fun on a track day.

    P.S. I'm not sure MM is the absolute best out there, Griggs makes some pretty sweet stuff too.
  20. Griggs is great but you dont want to use it on the street regularly. MM is as good as it gets for street/strip usage on a Fox body... or SRA SN95 :nice: