Can I make a 5.0 handle?

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  1. Yeah maybe I can actually get another Fox and start on it.
  2. doesnt really matter whats what when youve torn into your car as far as i have, the k member and a arms and what not really change it so far past stock it doesnt make a difference, and you dont need to go and drop the bank on the max grip box from MM you can always piece it together, ive been buying parts for the past year to get to where i am, i chose a few pieces i feel i didnt need but its all based off preference
  3. Yeah, I was either going to piece it together or save up the money for a while and then buy what I wanted. Usually you get a good discount by buying everything at one time. I have plenty of time to think about it and save since the next thing on my spending plan is to buy a house. My wife would KILL me if I bought a toy before we bought a house. BTW...I never thought a communist would be president either!
  4. you know what, they will give you discounts either way, when i ordered my torque arm and k member and rack bushings, he said he would give me a discount just for being a loyal customer since i bought all my other stuff from them, knocked like 200 bucks off my order and threw in some free t shirts, im a MM customer for life, they have never done me wrong ever, i wish that 5% of the businesses in the world had customer service as great as MM, they messed up 1 order sent me 4 sets of there MM3 struts instead of 2 shocks and struts, not only did they pay for shipping both way (next day air) they also discounted my next order with free shipping, how ****en is that
  5. You can't ask for better service than that. I really wish everyone had customer service like them. My family and I own a small business and we really try to serve every customer as good as possible. So in your post you mentioned that you were trying to beat a Ferrari at the track. What model Ferrari are you trying to match?
  6. All of them. and im not going to match it, im going to beat it.
  7. Awesome...I love the idea of beating a Ferrari with a car that costs 1/10th the price! Kick Butt!
  8. hopefully it will still cost 1/10th of the price when im done, but i still wont looks as sexy in the fox :rlaugh:
  9. I have always liked the SVO but I really want a 90-93 5.0. I would hate to ditch the current powerplant in an SVO for a v8. I just want to stay NA. Thanks for looking though.
  10. if i could get past how ugly the svo is i would have gotten one a long time ago
  11. For the motor i would get together a good parts list and hit a Junkyard. Toss some AFR 205s on a 351 roller block. (Piston cutting or changed)...Trickflow R intake or go carb. your choice.(carb cheaper) You dont need to go crazy with coil overs and K members. The factory K member is a pretty "Stout piece" as MM even says. I would get some H&R springs and Tokico Illumina Struts. Rebuild your front control arms with urethane bushings and some good MOOG ball joints. Also get the MM weight jacker rear control arms, get uppers too. You'll notice the most difference when getting XL sub frame connectors and struts.

    I have nothing against coil overs...but thats alot of weight and stress to put on a strut tower. especially for a car that doesn't have a upper control arm. The spring perch on the factory k member and the metal on the factory control arm where the spring sits is alot stronger than the strut tower. Sure you can drill an extra hole into the strut tower bit the sheet metal just isn't beefy enough for. I live in new england where the potholes are big enough to make a car bottom out. I could be wrong and wouldn't doubt if i was but ive seen people with factory coil overs rip a shock tower. Nevermind a tower that wasnt designed for that.....I also heard somewhere that coilovers will also limit how wide a rim/tire you can put on. I ride like rails without a coilover. If my massive factory control arm isn't enough i may one day box it.

  12. your right about the limits of the rims, it took major mods to fit those 275's up front, but everything else is kinda bunk, MM put years of testing and development on their suspension parts and i can guarantee that if no one else has ripped a strut tower apart i doubt he's going to, granted he doesnt run over a curb or something, the coil overs combined with the C/C plates he has plenty of strength to keep those suckers on the car, not to mention the combined strength of all that with the STB from MM and the way its designed nothing is gonna become of that stuff
  13. Yeah i wasn't sure about the Towers. In that case go coil overs if ya got the change.
  14. i could understand your point of view if you were going with like the ebay coil overs or something without supporting mods to go with them, but with MM thats not the case, and yes its alot of coin
  15. Yeah i realized that its the supporting mods that keep the car running and driving ok. Like he wants a 400hp Motor....then suspension becomes a supporting is sub frame connectors, rebalanced driveshaft, transmission and some 31 spline axles with gears. Thats if you want to "see what the car can do" and don't feel like calling a tow truck after.
  16. haha, well.....its gonna ride like a tow truck after
  17. Hey...I'll be building a stiff sprung road and track car...Not a Caddy.
  18. Who told you about the leaf spring Mod?? :rlaugh:
  19. did it the same time i did my truck :rolleyes: