35th Anniv Current Mileage January 2007?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by VOORHEES, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. new to the thread from bc canada as of march 14,2007 got about 60,000km on it haven't driven it since october
  2. What's the conversion rate on that to miles???
  3. around 39,000 miles.
  4. Finally! I'm not the sole Canadian anymore. :canada: LoL
  5. 62,000 on my red coupe, most a 1/4 mile at a time
  6. Spring has sprung in Seattle! Drove it yesterday and passed 30,600. That's 40 miles in 4 months!
  7. That just ain't right! No being able to drive during parts of the year...I guess you get used to it. Not here.
  8. It's not that I can't drive it, it's just that I try to keep it as clean as possible and it seems to stay a lot cleaner when it's under cover in the garage! Between May and October I'll put about 2,000 miles on it, then it's back under wraps except for the occasional day that the weather and my free time are in sync and I can take it out. I just wipe it down after each drive (and sometimes use Meguiars Quick Detailer) and have only washed it once a year in the fours years since I bought it.
  9. My LE has 58,000 on it.

    Mileage won't go up too fast since my 96 GT is my DD. The 96 GT has 158,000 and climbing. Still has the original clutch too.
  10. 35th Anniversary

    :owned: Bought new on 5/28/1999. Drove 350 miles to the Philly area to get her. Only black & red coupes were available locally at the SVT dealers. Silver convert. black top, 5 speed. Never seen rain or snow. Only 6500 miles. Only mods, gas cover and have the 2 seater tonneua kit. The original battery took a crap yeaterday. Oh well, not bad for an 8 yr. old car. Love the looks of the new shelby super snake. Check out www.popsracing.com. Don't understand why, since these were only available thru SVT dealers, they are not eligible for SVT membership.
  11. update

    Sorry, this post and site has died. Still only 6600 miles. Ha, the shelby buyers thru ford took a lickin. I would never pay $20,000 over invoice to buy it.

  12. 112,000 still looking SWEET, running GREAT!
  13. Dang... I need to drive mine more.

    About a year later and I only have 61,000. 3k since 5/07?!?!

    Once I get the Procharger on next week the mileage should go up a little higher...and at a faster rate!!
  14. get out of the way!! who can beat my 149,359??? lol is getting new paint, posting pics soon :D
  15. As of today I'm at 68,000kms which equals 42,253 miles.
  16. O.K., brand spanking new to this. I purchased my 99 LE (I assume) two years ago and just broke the 100k mile mark this month. I believe it to be stock but am curious how you find information on it. I read somewhere they only have 225HP and all other 99 GT's have 260. I think I saw somewhere that the exhaust is by Flowmaster too. Can someone confirm these?
  17. Negative on both. The 35th had the same HP rating as the other GT's. And the exhaust was just plain old factory Ford. The 35th LE car was just appearance add ons (hood stripe, honeycomb panel, different spoiler, etc.), but really set the car apart from other 99''s.
  18. Thanks!! I was actually under the car today and saw the "plain old factory Ford" exhaust. That helps with my plans to upgrade :)
  19. Hi 35th owner's! I'm new here... Currently have 11,015 miles..bought new 7/10/99Plan on keeping it forever!
  20. I am the first owner. I blow my motor up at 40,000 and had it rebuilt and the new motor only has 8,000 on it. So right now my odometer is reading just over 48,000 miles.

    Just so you guys don't have to ask. I added a blower and the damn installer never installed my fuel pump upgrade thats why it blew. And he has since closed up and left town. So i am beat for the rebuild.