35th Anniv Current Mileage January 2007?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by VOORHEES, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. I went back to my first post in this thread....since January 07 to now, I have only put 2700 miles in over a year. DAMN.

  2. I've put 8K on mine since the beginning of 07 when I posted so a little over 88K now.
  3. sitting at around 103k right now and addin up quickly :( , but she looks like shes got about 10k on her:nice:
  4. now at 44,175
    2,000 in 16 months,damn we have long winters around here, lol
  5. 3rd time posting here since the thread started... now at 114k almost at 115k
  6. I'm at 45k right now. I don't know where I was back when this was first posted, but it wasn't much less. :(
  7. sittin at 104K :( i need another car for a daily driver
  8. I just bought my car in April and have 39,500 on it.
  9. just bought mine with only 9,400 miles on it . I dont want to put too many miles on it but its hard to keep the wife from driving it ,gotta love women that are into cars. :nice:
  10. Ok, it's not a '99 Gt LE, but it is a '99 Cobra and it has slightly over 11,000 miles (No, not 110,000.) [​IMG]
  11. Nice too!!
  12. recently new LE owner, i love this car. 120.000 miles and still looks gorgeous
  13. Hard to believe a year has gone by since I bought the Mustang. It now has 110,325 miles. Bought it with 108,836. So if my math is right I only put on 1,489 in about six months of driving. That's all Michigan weather will allow. Sad weekend had to put it in hibernation until April. Miss it already and it's only in the garage.
  14. I always get the oil changed before I put it down for the winter . . . last year on 09/26/07 the odo read 31,342, this year on 10/26/08 it read 32,614. 1,272 miles in 13 months!


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  15. Since April, I put on 2,300 miles... Right at 41,8XX
  16. Man i wish me and my dad didnt put miles on this car. 157,500
  17. I just hit 93K on mine, drove it alot this summer with all the new stuff I got on it over the winter.
  18. 137k strong
  19. Update...Now it's two years later and I just turned 80,000kms. (49,710 miles)
  20. Ok , good idea.

    I now have 68,200 just 3700 miles since January 2007 (64,500)