Dyno disappointment!!

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  1. Yeah as much as I'm gonna hate not having a dyno graph reading 300 at the wheels to brag about (unless I'm extremely lucky), I'd rather have the quality tune at this point from a quality shop....and a nicer driving car will do nicely too.
  2. I think a dyno sheet and a dollar bill will buy you a cup of coffee.

    But a time slip is pure gold.

    Good luck with your tune!

  3. Yes but it is a key indicator as to whether your car is running as it should. For average combos a 1 to 1 ratio of rwhp to c.i. (EDIT: or within a few ponies ..like 10-20rwhp) is an acceptable expectation.
  4. Wow, your situation sounds like deja vu to mine. I just had a cam installed in my car and I wanted the same shop to dyno tune it when they were done. It turns out, they tried to manually tune the car by twisting the dizzy and smashing the stock fuel pressure regulator to get more pressure. (You shouldn't even try to tune any Mustang newer than 1987 like that, and never!, ever!, take a hammer to the FPR). Your situation sounds like they couldn't or don't know how to adjust fuel pressure or timing through the ECU, so they just left the A/F at 12.0:1 and twisted the dizzy and made excuses just like the boneheads I dealt with. I ended up with a pretty bad oil leak from the lower intake manifold just to add icing to the cake. We learn from our mistakes I guess. :nice:

    I'm glad to see they got it running and fixed your other problems. I have no doubt that after you lean it out a bit and get a good tuner to play around with timing tables that you will easily be over 300rwhp. I wish these kinda problems on no one. I'm also getting a dyno tune from a shop with some good credibility tomorrow.

    Hope it works out for you!:D
  5. Drama continues it seems. Mine is back on the road for now, hopefully I can share a little luck with you.
  6. I have the same problem!!! new motor and still pitiful power numbers on the dyno and chris tutten :hail2: does my tuning so I think he is capable. I'm considering a head swap, the AFRs are a good head. whats the compression ratio? seems like the 185 makes a lot more power. I've got a small head on mine too and they are great for nitrous but the power will be low
  7. Great news!

    As usual things take longer than expected but at least it was only 2 weeks this time rather than 6 months! I'm not an empty promiser and will post my newest dyno pulls/pix once they're done next week.

    My new tuner :hail2: had the flu so the job got backed up (plus he only takes one car at a time as the shop does mainly race bikes). Upon stripping it down we found a couple things:

    - the original shop had not measured properly and the pushrods were actually too tight and uneven, which killed a couple of my lifters and it was missing slightly.
    - gas was getting into one of my vacuum hoses and he thinks my FPR got messed up and it was fattening it up

    THE END RESULT was amazing! We haven't even tuned it yet as he wants me to drive it for a week first, but it feels like a totally different car and I never would have even taken it off the lot of the old shop if I knew it was supposed to drive like this...he said the dyno #'s were still decent before because the difference wasn't at WOT but in the lower RPM ranges. The throttle response is SO MUCH BETTER driving around on the street, and I cant wait to see what else we can squeeze out of it next week.

    Sorry for the long post, just excited to have my car doing what it's supposed to do :D
  8. There you have it :D

    We talked before how it would be something simple that was holding you back :)

    As always ... one MUST pay attention to the details :Word:

    Look forward to the update ;)

    Good Luck :nice:

  9. How was the DYNO #'s again? and what HP # are you making?
  10. what were the final dyno numbers?
  11. I read this all the way through only to be left hanging :p
  12. Man O Man

    I remember this OLD thread

    IIRC ... she posted up some results in another thread

    Guess you could do a search using her name

  13. The MAF is only reading how much air the throttle body is letting in. How can that be an issue?
  14. When I read through this post, I didnt even realize it was over a year old until the 3rd page. Still would like to know how it all turned out.