dynoed my car today...how'd i do??

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  1. Also what heads do you have? Same exhaust? same cam? same intake? Lot's of things can change what the engine sees for boost if i'm not mistaken. If any of the parts i mentioned are more restrictive than mine you'll see more boost than i will.

    Please correct me if i'm wrong.[/QUOTE]

    i have afr 165's a "track heat" intake and long tubes and a 540 lift cam :jaw:and only made 455hp at 5800 with a custom dyno tuned chip and ran the numbers in my sig
  2. I said my car read 9.2 psi on the dyno log. On the gauge it reads 12 something. Now that i changed the pulley it reads 12.8 on the computer and 15 on the gauge.

    How does it not have a real safe tune? And yes i do believe that it's a timebomb with this much power. If it blows then i put the badass block in it and go turbo.....not really too big a deal honestly. This is my girls daily driver.
  3. Ok i measured my pulleys and the crank is 7" and the s/c is 2.80 which puts it at 50000 shifting at 5800. With the larger 2.95 pulley that was on it for the dyno it spun to 47000 at 5800. What does that work out to??

    Now that the smaller pulley is on the new numbers are 592rwhp @ 12.8 with a complete cool down and iced intake. This was on a completely different dyno and i'll have the sheet tomorrow. The car is down at the shop and i left it in there. It was also a tad fat running in the 10.8-11.3 range. I only ran it once cause i think my plugs are toast. I'm gonna change them out and go back maybe tomorrow or the next day. I really think i can hit the 600rwhp mark.....now if the block sees things the same way is the million dollar question.
    IM back to the point where you show me 140 mph and i will believe you.

    This is my girls daily driver... OK?!?! I believe that one too...

    Those numbers match up PERFECT with expected fwhp....
  5. "This is my girls daily driver."

    Man...risking a pissed off girl friend as well as a nice motor just so you can post a 600hp dyno sheet... Priceless!

    At least you've got your priorities straight!
  6. :nonono:

    There is a lot more to a 140 mph run then the power train. I admit to skimming this thread but it doesn't seem like the guy is building a strip car. He's pushing the limits of a combo on the dyno. Why does it bother you so much that he's making good numbers? Is it inconcievable that a guy who builds and tunes race cars for a living might know a thing or two about building power?

    94convgt, I dig this thread. How specifically does the MAP work vs. the MAF? There's got to be an advantage to the MAF setup, or else it wouldn't be the standard, right? I'm pretty much familiar only with an MAF setup, and as I'm addicted to tweecing my tune, I'm looking for a little edumacashun!


  7. Hey im trying to see if i rember your car ive lived in vegas the last 3 years and i just moved back to IL. Nice numbers only problem is they are way too high. My friends 94 gt has a very simular set up as your. He put down 490 before breaking his crank in half. Dyno Dan did his tune. Where did you dyno your car? Only yellow 94-95 vert i ever rember was had a 347 with 185s. I was a member of SNMA SSS and hung out with the WCM guys. You ever post on any of those boards?
  8. Theres nothing special about the motor, its the magic drive train!!! It loses 0 power through it... THATS IT!!! I CAN BELEIVE THAT!!!
  9. What inj was the 592 pull on?
    Yeah those are nice pullies it puts the S-trim right at its limit (stock is 3.33/6.87), 50k is MAX impeller but you are already getting un-efficient at that range.

    I have done the same thing for dyno queen (hail mary pulls) with the ice and such, be careful tuning it like that.

    That pulley setup would make 17psi on any other car..weird (with those mods)
  10. When are you gonna run this car?
  11. I wish i would have known his secret for keeping it all together and making that much power. My buddy wouldnt have to be building a 418 right and could have saved alot of money. Plus been driving all this time.
  12. It will be up soon enough....i had to rebuild the crappy Powerdyne s/c off my Denali again today. This is the 4th rebuild in the last 6 months:mad: I guess when i get pissed off enought i'll throw the turbo kit that we made on it and call it a day. The bearings don't like being spun 6000rpm over there limit i guess:shrug:

    How do you not believe it's my girls daily driver? You can see her driving everyday about 4pm down Trop on her way to work. You might even see her racing a car or two when she gets off work. I don't see how that's so hard to believe. Are you just a really angry person??

    As far as fwhp.......i did not have the engine out of the car for the dyno session. It was bolted in the car and strapped to the rollers. I didn't think i really needed to specify that.

    I guess your going to hate hearing that my truck puts out 550hp and runs low 13's....and my girl also has a 93 RX7 with a Z06 motor that's putting out about 450rwhp that i built for her.....i also have a 94 RX7 race car that's putting out 700rwhp and is going to be running in the mid 8's here shortly.

    I'm not new to the car world and have been racing and building them for quite a while. Come to Vegas some time and let's race. I'll give you the choice of which car you wanna race and if it'll be me or my girl driving it. She loves to whip up on guys who underestimate her.
  13. Thanks!

    To be perfectly honest with you i've never been a fan of using a maf system. It was always a pain in the ass to me. I kept maxing out my maf and having to buy a larger one or change the sampling tube. I converted my car to map as soon as i had a system available......same goes for every car i own except my truck. I think most people use it because it's what they know.
  14. I know Dan.....i met him right after he moved here quite a while ago. I'm sure he'll remember me from Virtual Works.

    I haven't really hung out with too many Mustang guys cause i'm usually busy working on my RX7 or at the track with the Supra. Do you know Daryl? Green 94 with a stroker and nos? Ask him about my car.....he's seen it up close and personal.

    Why are the #'s too high? Because of the parts i have or what?
  15. I left it in the same state of tune from the dyno and have been playing with it a little on the street. OMG!!! I was getting extremely bored with it before the new found power. Weird how that happens. I thought i'd be happy with 400hp....nope....500hp...nope....600hp....maybe. It's starting to get there. I think i'm going to upgrade to a t-trim in the next few months and see what kinda power i can make. When i do that i'll for sure be upgrading the block as well.
  16. Well if i came to vegas you better run your RX7, but the only reason i would go to vegas is for a TRUE/WILD street event. Which depending on how i get things dialed in this spring/summer that might not be out of the question.

    As far as being an angry person... Im mored angry that other people aren't questioning your setup more. But then again there isn't all that much experence with that kind of thing in this forum.

    Reason i don't believe its your gf daily driver is because i know i wouldn't send my girlfriend out in a time bomb, imagine how pisted she would be blowing that thing up and being stuck in the middle of traffic in VEGAS... and with as much power you say you have even the best engine builders say it WILL break, just a matter of time. And if your gf is as hard on things and likes to race every light like my gf it wouldn't be long at all.
  17. Well **** you just have the best of everything..must be nice. (Typical ricer braggin about all his million hp cars)

    So you are telling me you made 592rw with 42# injs on a 10.8 a/f?

    And if you have built so many race cars, and have all this exp you could obviously see where we are coming from. The only guys questioning your #s are guys that have been there, everyone else just thinks wow he made alot cool.
    It just NOT that easy to make 600rw, or everyone and their mother would have 600rw mustangs.
    I'm just tryin to get to the bottom of it and see maybe what I have been doing wrong all these years with my builds, my #s have always been really good for my mods, but no where near yours.
  18. Also I dont think you want none of Moneypit..hehe
    He hands down has one of if not THE badest mustang on this board.
  19. Stop it, your making me blush!!! Thanks Chris, but its not done yet... Still have to get the rear end and the rest of the fuel system put together, And then a good tune.

    Maybe i should head to Vegas for the tune? hehehe, nah i will just have Danny and Rick at AFM tune it again. Their dyno and dyno results have been in umpteen million magazines.
  20. I cant believe you guys keep beating a dead horse!:shrug:
    Why do you guys care so much what kind of power he makes?
    Maybe his #'s are bogus, that is to be seen, but I think it is possible.