eleanor..no longer really impressed..just my opinion

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  1. hi .i probably didnt even spell it right..the more i think about that made up mustang..i think yes it looks sorta cool..but it is unmustang at the same time...the nice thing is i can say this..because this is the classic forum..and i am not sure that car is really .or ever will be a classic..its more of a creation of modern ideas..and plastic..and lack of chrome..
  2. Eleanor is overrated. It looked alright when I first saw it on the movie, now I'm not really diggin it. Too many ricer fog lights for one thing. :notnice:
  3. I was never impressed by "Eleanor." I always thought it looked horrid.

  4. eleanor proves that even foose can strike out.
  5. I wasn't aware that Foose had anything to do with the e-whore.
  6. The 2000 remake is even worse if you've already seen the 1974 original. The remake was popular, but IMO was not a "good film". Everybody fawns over the '67, inlcuding people with more money than sense at Barrett-Jackson, but this is the real Eleanor:

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  7. Eleanor put Mustangs back on the map. These new retro Mustangs are Eleanor-inspired too. Look at the wheels. Basically, it all boils down to personal taste. What is beautiful to one, is ugly to another. No fault on anyones part. If that werent the case, we'd all be driving the exact same colored mass produced sedan. Diffrent strokes.
    Eleanor, "to me" is the second best looking car out there, right behind the 1968 first generation Camaro SS-Rs . El is just plain beautiful.
  8. I'm pretty sure Ford's sales numbers for 2000 would show that the Mustang's popularity was never really down.

    My entire problem with Eleanor is the fact that our hobby is divided into two parts. Some of us will restore our cars the way Ford put them together. The rest of us will put our cars together with the parts that we want. But when you build a restomod, it is supposed to be something you are creating. Not a copy of someone else's design. To me people who build Eleanors are just like all the kids in "modified" Civics that somehow end up looking exactly the same.
  9. I'm gonna have to agree. Re-building my mustang was a ton of fun. And that fact that it's totattly custom and that my father and I did all of the work ourselves makes it that much more special. Eleanor does look nice, but I'd take my car over it anyday (well, I wouldn't mind the engine and suspension upgrades :D )
  10. the 2005 model is pretty cool..could use a few improvements..the front grill area..looks a little empty...and still the chrome ..needs more chrome..
  11. this is how i expalin my feelings for eleanor to my car-illiterate friends:
    1967 shelby gt500= pamela anderson.
    eleanor= 12yr old boy with alot of cosmetic surgery to look like pam anderson. now the question is..which one are you gonna want to go on a date with?
  12. I agree with some here. I just about dropped my coffee when I first saw the year 2000 Eleanor. I thought it was one sweeeeeet Stang. Actually, I was just glad it WAS a Stang and not some riced out tuner. But then the news hit....you could fork out a crap-load of cash and get your very own variation of the car. Now they are buying up what is left of the 67/68 fastbacks and driving up the cost of even rusted out shells. Now, the more I look at it, the more I dislike the car. It was creative when it was an original. But I will have to rent the original movie now to see that Mach!
  13. No doubt that the car has been whored. :nonono: Mach u is right about glad being it was a Mustang as opposed to a ricer. Love it or hate it, at least Els an AMERICAN muscle car.
  14. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  15. Uhhh,, last time I checked , Pam was one of the hottest chicks in America..
    Id say thats a compliment.

    ha....ha...uhhh,..nevermind... :banana:
  16. Well, since we're thread-jacking......

    Wait a minute, guys.....
    You're forgetting that Pam anderson had quite a bit of cosmetic surgery to look like Pam Anderson :p

    My personal metaphors:

    2000 Elean-whore = Pam Anderson
    1967 (or '68) GT500= CZ-J :drool:

    That Michael Douglas is one lucky dude.
  17. Yeah, but would you rather be on a deserted island with Pam Anderson, who is an altered hottie, or say,, Janet Reno... Nice and all-natu-ral...
    I think that about sums it up... :D
  18. anyone else miss the chrome?
  19. :scratch:I guess you're right....The "E" word and Pam Anderson are both mostly plastic. :shrug:
    Sorry Hoss, but I'm not too keen on too much chrome either, I think it draws the eye away from the rest of a car's fine lines and can hide imperfections just as plastic, f-glass and bondo do!

  20. Yeah, but............. I'm not entirely sure Janet Reno isn't the result of some "Swedish" cosmetic surgery gone horribly wrong :puke:
    C'mon, look at her..... she looks supiciously like my old Track Coach and Driver's Ed instructor,
    Mister Gottsponer! :lol: