eleanor..no longer really impressed..just my opinion

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  1. Nice looking car. Yenkos, Shelbys, Hemi Cudas, Bergers, etc are all in the same boat for me. I would love a ride in an original to see if they can really live up to the hype. On the other hand if I were filthy stinkin rich I would have one of each just to say I did ;)
  2. that is one nice looking camaro...and i even spelled camaro right...i would take one of those....
  3. This is as tough as you're gonna find. Period.
    Dont get me wrong I like Mustangs too, ( El especially! :rolleyes: ) But for stock, this just screams badass. The one up top is a 69 COPO (most likely a clone) . The COPO cars (Yenko, Berger etc) are selling for more than the pristine Shelbys. (there were a lot less COPOS) . They were generally 427 equipped , street legal drag cars.

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  4. yeah...i read about those copo camaros.....all aluminium 427 4 speed with nothing but the bare essentials......and they still ran mid 14's......even with polyglass tires thats sad. rare and expensive cars though...i wouldnt mind having one.....so i could sell it and buy 2 boss 429s

  5. You read someones daydream.
    1969 Camaro [email protected] 427 ZL1 430 4-Speed 4.10 HC 6/69

    On factory tires. June/1969 Hi-Perf Cars Magazine.
  6. actually it was in a camaro race cars book at barnes and noble
  7. I think I'd rely on actual road tests as opposed to someones thrown together book to profit off the gearheads. :rolleyes:
    Whenever I look for actual ET,s, on anything, I dont go to " The complete Mustang History" or "The Legendary Camaro SS from Generation One" .
    Although said books usually contain excellent photography, the given e.t's are off the hip fabrications. Look to the magazines of the day that performed the tests. They tell the facts as delivered by the tests. And those tests show the COPOS outrunning every other pony car in the field, including the Hemi Cudas and Challengers. Truth be told, the 440 6-Pak roadrunner (69) usually posted better times than the hemi cars. Still, they all fell to the COPO Camaros. If I had 2 COPOS, Id keep one, sell one, and buy a Boss 302, 351 and 429. That would be a great collection!
  8. hell yeah it would be a great collection.....you could charge admission into your garage....and buy a project car with the profit
  9. My wife would steal it from me for her 69! Wanna talk about loving a Mustang. My wife is insane in love with her 69 fastback 302. I like it, but I think shed get rid of me before that car..Come to think of it,,..I do love that 68 SS / RS , so if faced with the decision.... :shrug:
  10. [​IMG]

    That car looks like the one from the awesome 80's movie "Better Off Dead" might have been early 90's, either way a great stupid movie.
  11. BINGO!!! I loved that dorky movie. I WANT MY 2 DOLLARS!!!

    Thats the one that got me as far as the 1968 SSrs. In Better off Dead they used a 67, but the only diffrence is the side vent window which looks better not there. Those 2 Howard Cosell Chinese guys were great, heres a link to the original movie car which was hunted down and restored!