Exhaust system that sounds like an old muscle car

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  1. That's nothing....


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  2. Ha! Wow, some people...

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  3. Here's a better example of the kind of drone I'm looking for...


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  5. I don't quite think you fully understand the true definition of "drone". There was no drone in the vid at all.

    Drone usually occurs around 1800-2300 RPM in cruising speed where the exhaust loses all tone and hums like a V6. You will never hear any drone on revs or hard accelerations. Instead of drone, are you referring to tone (the growl) of the car?
  6. Yea, tone
  7. If thats what you want, an offroad x or h pipe and some welded in flowmasters is all you need. But the drone while cruising, is a real issue. Down the highway, dont expect to carry an easy conversation with the person in the passenger seat. I have this type of set up. The drone at cruising speed bothers me so much that I am looking for a change. Sounds loud and nasty especially under acceleration but just getting around is nearly unbearable. Beware.
  8. i know what you are saying with the crackling vs exhaust sound. i have had flowmasters (american thunder cat back) with...
    -stock mid pipe & stock manifolds -- sounded decent but way too quiet
    -bbk long tubes w/ bbk o/r x-pipe -- sounds good at WOT, but at part throttle from 1800 to 2200 rpm sounded like crap *crackling*
    -bbk long tubes w/ bbk catted x-pipe -- sounds good all around, but too quiet for my taste.
    -bbk long tubes w/ bbk o/r h-pipe -- sounds absolutely amazing, but i swapped it because the sound is too common...

    so, i put a magnaflow magnapack cat back on the car, with...
    -bbk long tubes w/ bbk o/r h-pipe -- sounds like a 1978 rusted out dump truck , its loud as f*** and sounds like the devil at 5-6k rpm
    -bbk long tubes w/ bbk catted x-pipe -- this is my current set up -- from inside the car, it still drones a little bit around 2.2k rpm and honestly i did not think it was loud enough... that is because I had never heard it from the outside of the car

    from inside its quiet but sweet lord baby jesus, when you crack the throttle, from the outside it sounds down right nasty. it has just enough rasp and none of that crackling noise. its raw sounding for having cat's. I want to sway my mid pipe for an o/r (non chambered) x-pipe to see what it sounds like, but i dont want to drop the coin. I have this feeling if i were to do that, it would probably crackle and i would just switch it back to the catted x.

    on another note, i was on my way down to south carolina today and there was a murdered out new edge that sounded pretty damn good. if i had to guess, he had an o/r h-pipe with two chamber flows that were dumped. personally i like tail pipes, but damn it sounded great. it was super deep and throaty. i laid in to mine a lil to pass him and let him hear the blower whine and exhaust. anyway, good luck man. i bet you would be happy with an o/r h and some flow's either two chamber or 40 series
  9. Yeah every muffler is going to have a different tone. There 2 basic types of muffler, a chambered muffler (Flowmaster, MAC, Bassani, etc.) and a straight-through muffler (Magnaflow, Borla, etc)

    It sounds like you prefer the chambered version. Flowmaster has an awesome tone to it, but like someone already mentioned, Flowmasters are on every other car on the road so the sound is pretty common. Not many people run MAC anymore so my car sounds awesome but "different" than what people are used to hearing. I bought my car with stock manifolds, stock mid-pipe, and welded-in Flowmasters. It sounded good, a little quiet, but good. The drone sounded horrible. I never got a compliment on my exhaust.

    I swapped to both an MAC O/R H and MAC mufflers at the same time. There is still a little drone around 2000 but not anywhere near the flowmasters. I know have MAC longtubes, MAC O/R Prochamber, and MAC mufflers. I get compliments on the sound every few days or so.
  10. Thanks for the info. I just found out my car has Flowaster mufflers on it already. 3 series I think, couldn't really read the numbers... It's fairly loud and I have my stock H and all four cats still.
  11. Yup, my car sounds like your car when you first bought it. Stock everything with Flowmaster exhaust. Except mine has a rattle noise due to the driver side muffler which needs to be replaced. Other than that, it sounds fine for me and it's legal in CA.
  12. I guess there's no 30 series, I wonder why the woman at the shop said she thinks it's a 30 series when that doesn't even exist? Then tried to charge me like $250 for the muffler plus $60 in labor. I think mine is a 40 or 44 series.
  13. We can't tell by listening wtf probably 40 series like everyone else

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  14. You can't, doesn't mean someone else can't. Chill out man.
  15. Jack your car up crawl under it and get the part number off the muffler

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  16. I'm bringing it to a shop and they are going to lift it but I was hoping someone might know beforehand. If it were that easy, I would have done it by now.
  17. Identifying a muffler by ear is hard especially what series of flowmaster

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  18. I can't tell you but holy crap those do not sound like flowmasters. They are probably 3-chamber Flows. Sounds horrible IMO